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A tornado in a desert. That is what i see. well, yes, tornado is not a hollowing thing, but yes tornado can sometimes makes you feel the emptiness around you. a lonely feeling that suddenly appears after the tornado. it's such an empty feeling.

on the technical side, i love your use of negative space (the white area). well, maybe it's not a "real" negative space because it's not very well blended on the left bottom part. the use of negative space is, in my opinion, better if those space is blended nicely with the whole image.

Overall, i love how this image represent your feeling at that time. the color is also fine to me, tough it's kinda monocromatic. but hey, monochromatic is just a perfect way to express a hollowing mind.
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heavenriver Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:hug: Thank you so much! You made wonderful compliments to me, and most of all you pointed out the aspects of the image that looked strange to me too, but I couldn't figure out why - thanks to you, I know where to improve next time. I did try a polychromatic palette, though, it just didn't work any better than this. xD
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