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Splits-Ngon Tutorial

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This is a tutorial on how to create the old days famous flame style, the "splist-ngon", first started and developed by ~depaz

Fave it if you like it. :+fav:
And also i will be happy to see your result.. :meow:

if you have any comments, critics, suggestions, or anything you would like to ask me, don't hesitate to do so. I'm not bite :slow:

- - -
Special thanks to `SuicideBySafetyPin and ~depaz

Thanks to `lindelokse who found the missing step on Tx-2. Thank you Chiara:huggle: It is fixed for now ;)

another missing part is, you have to set the opacity on TX-1 to 0 (zero). Thanks to ~IDeviant who found that missing step..
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malreHobbyist General Artist
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malreHobbyist General Artist
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Holmes-JAHobbyist Digital Artist
Great tutorial! Here's my result:
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EichkaterkatzeHobbyist General Artist
My second attempt.
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EichkaterkatzeHobbyist General Artist
This is awesome! I've seen fractals like this so many times and have always wanted to create one, but didn't have a clue how to do it or what the method is even called.
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EsherymackHobbyist Digital Artist
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akarithProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you so much! This tut has been SO helpful!!! Here's my result:Glass Portal by akarith  
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Thank you so much :-D had alot of fun with this.…
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French-ChocolaiteHobbyist Digital Artist
Here is my
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izayoisenkaHobbyist Digital Artist
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FracFxHobbyist Digital Artist
I guess I forgot to post this, it was made for the people who could never get the correct base parameters to start with, thanks for the tut and the notes, credit back to you on the script because it wouldn't exist without your tut :p 
Splits-Ngon Batch Script by FracFx
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LupsibergHobbyist General Artist
I had another go at your tutorial here
Apo-Chall 37 - Splits Ngon by Lupsiberg and Splits-Ngon 2 by Lupsiberg :iconflowerthnxplz:
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marthigHobbyist General Artist
Thanks again for another great and easy to follow tutorial :iconbeatingheartplz: Below is the link to my take on it.…
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SarcasmNymphHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the tutorial

I have made this with it:…

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Another try with your great tutorial: Loonie Goes Celtic by Astrantia01 Thanks again! :sun:
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don3d Digital Artist
thanks for the info.... can't wait to try it out....:)
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LauredinHobbyist General Artist
thank you a lot for the tutorial!

Here are my results (with changes and addings):……
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akwhitbyHobbyist General Artist
My result (after I went crazy and deleted all but 2 of the transforms): [link]

Thanks a bunch for the tutorial! I don't usually obey the "post your results" suggestions on tutorials, but I'm trying to be a bit more community-minded. :shrug:
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thank you for the tutoria
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m-chloe Digital Artist
Thank you for the awesome tutorial :squee: I made [link] from this !
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thanks so much for good tutorial, i did not add anything special just enjoyed to play with... [link] [link] [link] [link]
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DaeurthHobbyist General Artist
I`ll try when I get a chance :D
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