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the H.O.R.U.S (RA fanart) by Guadisaves02 the H.O.R.U.S (RA fanart) by Guadisaves02
I take inspiration on these from :iconzavraan: on her Megaman movie Robot Agents x3……

H.O.R.U.S. means Hawk. Of. Recognition. Up. Sky.  well actually it is based on a peregrine falcon :P. It is a robot drone advanced class, Horus does not have a gender but everyone refers it like a male. 

He is an intelligent robot, knows how to obey orders and between their programming is spying bases in midair, his form of bird at a distance makes it difficult to take on suspicion by the enemy. He has binocular vision, ultraviolet and x-rays, also has microphones to eavesdrop on conversations and records. Keeping the information in his memory box, it includes keeping photographs of the places where he went to investigate.

HORUS has a mode of attack which swoops which actual falcon, reaching a speed of 400 kilometers per hour, his claws and beak can penetrate metal, his beak bites with a pressure of 150 kilograms per square inch, he's a little more bigger than a real peregrine falcon, but is not heavy. He can camouflaged using an illusion that mimics a real hawk, even it seems that he had bird feathers.

Another of its programming is in search pests or animals that are dangerous for humans (he attacks sometimes Snakeman by resemble an animal of which he is scheduled to kill) and being a pet of companion and responds to affection that people gives him. 

He is in an experimental stage, but is relatively stable, although in part it is somewhat vulnerable to very cold climates or can not see well at night (because it is not scheduled for night time) yet it is useful and helpful in a few words, I hope you like it.
Painter-Huanca Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2016
Esta Genial.!!!!!
(Ya leĆ­ la descripciĆ³n y me dio risa de que Horus ataca a Snakeman =U= )
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