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Zanbey by Guadisaves02 Zanbey by Guadisaves02
After watching the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica and the film Rebelion, I wanted to make my own incubator. Sanbey is the only one of its kind in out alive after the events of the film and is in another world to be better. Almost no contracts with humans since considered very unstable and inefficient to produce energy for the universe and also participated in the experiment Law of Cycles  therefore. Not that it wants to help humans or anything and has nothing against them like the rest of it race who is neutral to us, just saw that humans might even be a danger to the existence, and it was.

Now it's in another dimension of our planet with other people (it's with Hiro Hamada of Big Hero 6 xD, basing on the fanfic Heros Magica) but does not repeat contracts for the same. hardly eats, but when it do eat fruits like apples or watermelons.

Clear I relied on Kyubey but has its differences and their antennae, which are on the sides of his head instead of out of the ears and these are smaller than normal as can be seen (the tips of the antennae completely sharp and not as round as incubators of anime and manga), its rings float closer to his head unlike Kyubey or Jubey has a silver necklace beads (gave it a human girl who made a contract and was at home time), the red mark which consume the seeds of suffering is in it chest, the tail is very long with bangs (inspired a bit on the fleur de lis) with the three-pointed yellow, a line runs for it like yellow back and the tips of their antennae are in that color. It eyes are red but with permanent straight face.

I hope you like it and if you want to suggest something to add to my OC please comment, thanks.
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January 19, 2015
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