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Dowie the Pyroraptor by Guadisaves02 Dowie the Pyroraptor by Guadisaves02
This is my very firts Dino character for this group I hope you like him. :D 

 It is not the first time I think a dinosaur as an own character, but it is the first time I draw one. This is my favorite dinosaur species the Pyroraptor. Later I will make more characters, but at the moment he is like the protagonist of my group of raptor dinosaurs.

Character Name: Dowie

Current Age: 31 (at least if he were a human being).

Gender: male

Species: Pyroraptor olympus

Sexuality: heterosexual

Personality: he is crude, aggressive with other raptor species, but is very affectionate with his family and kind with some species of large herbivores, he can be presumed but not conceited, he can be critical and occasionally rude. But he is not bad, he is difficult like his past, he can help others if necessary and he only accepts the help of other species if there is no alternative. He is the wildest of his pack and guardian of the young. He is brave but recognizes when there is an opponent too strong for him.

History: When he was young, he saw his father was eaten by a Utahraptor, then was attacked by a Oviraptor and left scars on his face and neck, and finally, when Dowie was hunting with the whole group, a velociraptor teenager accidentally broke one of the eggs from his nest, four eggs were at first and now only 3, so he is very aggressive with other species of raptors but he tolerate and even is good with big herbivores. He already has a pack of 4 adults (count him) and five young. His pack consists of his sister in law and leader Qena, his brother Donnie, his mate Kima and their three offspring Baldie (male), Netza (male) and Jana (female), and his nephews Sean (male) and Nicte (female). Although he is a small species, he is smart, fast, strong and can do harm to a dinosaur of the size of a Utahraptor if he has the opportunity, but not fight if not necessary, he is not very diplomatic with others groups of large carnivores, that his sister in law is responsible in that.

I'll talk a bit more about him in his relationship with other characters in the pack.

Dowie belongs to me, don't steal my OC please
NashobaNowa625 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015
Ooooooh, he's gonna hate my Tasma xD 
albinoraven666fanart Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Guadisaves02 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015  Student General Artist
:iconexplodelaplz: Thank you very much!! :glomp:
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