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Colossal Elsa (Frozen fanart)

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Model  Elsa Frozen
Elsa kidnapped Kristoff and she is ready to crush down anyone who dares to approach her!


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Damn dat ice queen got BOOTY.

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Elsa you look bigger and different than I saw you from frozen *clears throat*
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Good nice beatiful
untitled7285's avatar
Need a big booty elsa...
stefangrey's avatar
Let it grow, let it grow...
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where did you get this elsa model?

notch's avatar

Nice work as always :)

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This is what I am here for!
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Love this Elsa model and her outfit, hope we get to see her even larger in the future :)

Thanks for sharing!

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Very impressive. Something about Elsa makes her fit the giantess mold almost perfectly. Though I'm surprised she'd kidnap Kristoff though. I'd figure she'd go after someone else. It's too bad you had to take down the old collage of her that you had all those years ago.

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most elsa stuff is really bad so thank you for this one lol

GTSX-3D's avatar

Glad mine stood out for you!

Idooodlestuff's avatar

Of course man! Love your stuff! You should do more of her! Or just unconventional gts characters :D

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This is a nice change 🙂
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Elsa Looks awesome!:D ;)

GTSX-3D's avatar

She does! :heart:

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Are you doing the commissions again?
GTSX-3D's avatar

I will reopen them after July 10th!

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Well hello there! :D

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