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WW - Link VS Ganondorf - final

By gts
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Probably one of the best final battles i've experienced in playing LoZ...just the setting and the oeverall action is SO here we have it, Link and Ganondorf from Wind waker duking it out Wind Waker style boieeeee. Yeah Zelda's supposed to be there somewhere but there wasn't any room to throw her in there :P

Link & Ganondorf (C) Nintindo

Painter IX + Tablet
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Light vs Darkness. Order vs Chaos. David vs Goliath. The ultimate confrontation. Their battle will make the earth and sky tremble.
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:D im playing WW right now and i wanna find some submarines ^^ but i do need help D:
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Wow this battle is the most epic in the history of the zelda games
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My personal favorite final boss of the series.  This picture really shows the tension between the two characters.
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YES. YES. YES. I love this!!
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Wow, this is really good!
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My #1 favorite LoZ moment, I love the poses that they're pulling off, this looks amazing!
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Best boss battle ever,
Best Drawing Ever,
So much awesomeness in this drawing
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Now, that is just EPIC.
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That moment when you realizes that in one universe, the all-powerful Ganon was defeated by a very small, and very badass, kid
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This is amazing in so many ways. I love both their expressions, and it really does capture the emotion of everything. I also love how you blurred it in the perfect places because it really does look like they're moving! And the perspective is spot on!
I'm so jealous :D
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You captured the intensity and difficulty in this drawing making it that much better. Ganon was hard to beat at first in Wind Waker, I even lost 1 or 2 fairies in the fight my first time, but that was one of the most epic Zelda battles I have played. The bosses are always A great opponent.
I gotta say, I kinda have this love-hate relationship the with Wind Waker's design for Link, but that final boss battle was truely (please forgive the pun) BOSS! And you captured the epic conflict between these two archfoes flawlessly! I love this, that's really all I can say.
Thanks for sharing!
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Awesome! I love how you captured the intensity and speed of this battle, it was definitely one of my favorite boss fights eve and you captured it perfectly!:)
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Fun fact! Did you know that Ganondorf's swords are named "Koume" and "Kotake"?:iconyaygreeceplz:
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damn! this kicks ass! you can almost feel the atmosphere of the battle with this, and it looks like ganondorf is cutting through the blood in the air. cool!
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I love the Wind Waker verison of Ganondorf. His design in that game looked awesome.
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this is a cool pic, damn i wish nintendo would make another zelda like this with toon link
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People just need to give that game more credit. It actually ranks higher than OoT in my opinion.
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Love dis guy! xD I gotta draw his WW robes. But Inness to get the entire details. :P
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