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Massive Mother In Law Part 2 - Abigail

Abigail was best friends with his mother in law Christina the two of them had met once before when he was a normal size, just like Christina Abigail had not really seemed friendly to him, not that that mattered now, after weeks of being at Christina's mercy she had handed him over to Abigail for safe keeping.
"Hey there little guy" Abigail said with a fake friendliness " Wow, Christina said you were small but I didn't think she meant this small" she laughed
"How much formula did she use on you?" Abigail chuckled "I suppose it's her first time buying it from me so she wouldn't have known how potent it was" she said with a smile.
Abigail picked up the tiny man and dangled him in front of her face "So tiny but from what Christina says you are still full of vigour and fight" she smiled again "You know why you are here don't you" she asked as she examined the tiny helpless man.
"You don't" she asked with a surprised tone "Christina is taking your precious Lauren to register you as legally dead" she cackled "Poor Lauren, she was so upset after you disappeared" she giggled
"Its so nice that Christina is there for her during this difficult time" she laughed loudly

Abigail brought the tiny guy up to her eyes "Which is why you have been given to me, I am going to be your new goddess for the next few weeks" she smirked "Just like with Christina you will serve my every whim and desire and when you are not needed you will worship my ass" she said with a serious tone
"If you fail me  . . " she trailed off " Well why am i telling you, its better if I show you" she said " not to mention more fun for me" Abigail giggled as she closed her hand around the tiny man, in the warm darkness of her hand he felt Abigail walk, carrying him somewhere.
Her hand opened and tilted dropping the tiny man onto a soft leather surface, he didn't have long to look around as Abigail's hand pressed down on him.
Abigail positioned herself above the tiny man beneath her, Abigail lifted her hand and he stared up at Abigail's huge backside as it loomed overhead, slowly Abigail lowered herself toward the helpless man, he knew he had no chance of escape and could only stare as Abigail's massive ass cheek descended onto him.
He felt the soft fabric of her dress and the warmth emanating from her butt as it pressed down onto him, the leather creaked as it gave way under Abigail's weight unfortunately for him it only had so much give and he began to feel the incredible pressure of Abigail's ass on top of him, his body began to flatten as his body was wracked with searing pain.
Abigail chuckled "comfy under there" she asked in a mocking tone she slowly started to grind her hips back and forth.
He was dragged across the leather chair by Abigail's enormous ass, every movement creating a new surge of pain through his body, Abigail stood up for a moment to pull her dress up, revealing her bare ass cheeks.
"Get ready little guy" she said as she slowly lowered herself back down onto the helpless man, he let out a pathetic scream as her ass cheek smashed back down on top of him. Just as the soft warm flesh had morphed around him Abigail stood up again, she waited a moment then sat back down harder this time, then a third time and a fourth, she stood up once more Abigail laughed and took a step to the side then came down once more.
As her ass came down he realised why she had stepped to the side it was now her ass crack that was rushing toward him, as she slammed down on top of him he was pressed between her cheeks.
"There we go" Abigail mocked "welcome to your new home" she said as she started to wiggle back and forth again ensuring the tiny man was firmly lodged between her huge soft ass cheeks.
As she stood up she felt the tiny guy wriggling she smiled at the sensation of the tiny helpless man trapped by her amazing butt "I'm sure Lauren will soon get over you, once she has moved out of Christina's place we will find out if you going back to Christina or if you are going to get a new owner wont that be exciting" she said with a chuckle as she pulled her dress down.
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