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Massive Mother In Law

He and his wife Lauren had been staying with his mother in law Christina for Lauren's birthday, he and Christina had never been on good terms but both tolerated each other during family gatherings, so it was weird to see them getting along so well during this visit they were laughing and joking together and seemed to be having the time of their lives.
as the night wore on and more and more of the family went to bed he had stayed up talking to Christina, she was being the perfect hostess refilling his glass every time it was empty it really seemed that they were starting anew and building their friendship.
It wasn't long until he blacked out.
The following morning he was awoken by a familiar voice it was Christina's voice "wakey wakey" she said softly, but it sounded so loud.
He opened his eyes he realised he had fallen asleep in the chair he was drinking in last night but something wasn't right, everything was huge, then he saw the titanic figure of his mother in law looming above him.
Christina smiled "good morning sleepy head" she giggled " I was afraid I wouldn't find you after all the shrink formula you consumed last night" she cackled
He couldn't believe what was happening as his Christina knelt down bringing her gigantic face close to him "Wow that formula was worth every penny, you are so tiny" Christina said with a chuckle her warm breath washing over him "you can't be much bigger than an ant" she said as a smile grew across her face.
"I wonder if the other additive of that formula worked as well" she said as she stood back up "you see little guy the other additive is a strengthening formula that alters your DNA to be indestructible, you can be crushed, eaten suffocated and more and survive, better than that you will remain conscious throughout it all and experience every agonising second of it all" she finished
Christina turned around "Well you're already on a nice soft chair" she said as she moved her amazing ass above him "how about we test you out" she said with a giggle as she slowly lowered herself toward the tiny man
There was nothing he could do as Christina's massive ass descended toward him, within a few moments her cheeks began to press him into chairs soft surface, he let out a scream but it was in vain as all of Christina's weight pressed down on him, he felt his body start to flatten underneath her.
How does that feel little guy" Christina mocked  as she settled into the chair, she waited a few moments before standing back up, Christina laughed loudly as she saw the tiny man firmly pressed into the depression in the material her ass had just made, but much to her delight she saw him start to move again, "oh good, it would have been such a shame if you had died before we can have some real fun" she giggled.
Christina rolled her leggings down "I want to see if I can feel you struggle under me this time, so fight with all your strength" she giggled as she brought her ass down again slower than the last time.
Once again he felt her ass begin to push him down into the chair's fabric, but this time Christina's ass cheek had slightly more give so he also felt the warm soft flesh of her gigantic ass cheek press and morph around him, he struggled as much as he could but it was no use as Christina's immense weight pressed down on him.
Christina let out a sigh as she settled on the chair again, "Come on, I can't feel you under there" she said slightly disappointed
She sighed again "If you won't fight so I can feel you, I will have to try and feel you myself" Christina said as she started to rock her hips side to side
He screamed in agony as Christina rolled back and forth over him, he felt like his body was going to be torn apart.
"Oh yeah that's it" Christina moaned "I can feel you now, fight me you worthless ant" she laughed as she rocked her hips back and forth harder
 suddenly the pressure pressing down on him lessened but the grinding continued rolling and pressing him under Christina's gigantic ass, every time she rolled over him though the pressure on top of him decreased but the pressure around him increased, he was being squeezed from all sides.
Christina finally stopped grinding back and forth and she settled all her weight back down, immediately the pressure around him increased dramatically and the soft flesh of Christina formed around him squeezing him tighter than before.
"I can't feel you anymore, where have you gone, have I actually flattened you" Christina laughed as she stood up again
it was then that the true horror of where he was dawned on him, he realised he was trapped between her incredible cheeks as he was lifted off the chair by Christina's ass
Christina checked the chair "where the hell are you" she said as she failed to find her tiny victim
He flailed and screamed trying to free himself from between her ample ass cheeks.
Christina laughed as she felt the pathetic efforts of the tiny man "Well how did you end up there" she asked with a mock innocence
"I guess you want to be my little ass slave" Christina laughed "why don't you give it a little kiss while you're there" she commanded
Terrified of what she might do if he didn't comply he leant forward and kissed the gigantic ass cheek
Christina laughed loudly "Well looks like you have found your new purpose"
"you were never good enough for my daughter, maybe you'll be better suited to my ass"  Christina laughed
"I'm sure Lauren will get over your disappearance soon" she smirked as she pulled her leggings back up trapping the helpless man, muffling his tiny screams and sealing his fate
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Warm up the oven. I'm ready to eaten,Goddess!

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I would defit kiss that ass

Adoromujeres.- Trasero hermoso, se antoja tenerlo posado en mi cara, que se mueva suavemente y me de masaje glúteo-facial. después besarlo y lamerlo completo y besar su ano.

This is your best one imho

Your stories have been amazing recently ^^