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A Desperate Neighbour

He was a semi-successful inventor and had been working on a new wearable shrink device when it had activated and shrank him down to an insignificant size, In a state of panic he managed to activate his gigantic cell phone, the first contact in his phone was his neighbour Pheobe , handily she was listed under her apartment number A4 in his phone .
He heard Pheobe pick up the phone and quickly he yelled as loud as he could into the microphone of his phone, though she struggled to hear the full message she could make out the words shrunk, need help and device
Pheobe hung up, he started to lose hope maybe she hadn't got the message.
A few moments later his door swung open and Pheobe stepped through, her footsteps sounded like thunder to him, Pheobe found his phone and shortly after found him.
She stared down at the tiny man on the floor"Woah, you are so tiny, you're like the size of an ant" Pheobe giggled "I must look massive to you" she said.
She looked around and saw a device a few feet away on the table
"This looks fancy"Oh it has a return button, that's what you need isn't it" she said
He felt such relief that Pheobe had worked out the device and that surely she was only moments away from returning to normal.
Suddenly the device crashed to the floor next to him, he looked up and saw Pheobe grinning menacingly as she raised her sandalled foot and brought it crashing down onto the device twisting her foot, he could hear the device break and crunch under her massive sandal.
"Oops" Pheobe giggled "Well, I guess you're stuck at that size huh" she asked with a mischevious tone
She saw that he had dropped to his knees "awwww its not so bad little guy" Pheobe laughed " I have always wanted a tiny slave" she giggled "so maybe we can help each other out I get the little slave I have always wanted and you get to be closer to this body than anyone has been before" she moaned.
Pheobe picked up the helpless little man " are you ready to start worshipping your new goddess" she laughed as lowered the tiny man toward her butt.
"This is where you'll be" she said as she pulled her dress up. "Don't you feel lucky" she giggled "do you know how many people would love to be in your situation" she laughed
She dropped the helpless man between her cheeks and began to walk out of the room, she stopped as she spotted a second gadget a few inches away from where she found the tiny man.
"Oh this is the one that shrank you isn't it" she asked with a smile, she bent down and picked the gadget up "I think I will just keep this for myself, I mean when you inevitably get squished by my gigantic ass or suffocated I  am going to need a new slave" she laughed
 she pulled her dress down and walked back to her apartment.
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Adoromujeres.- Yo también quiero estar ahí.

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Wonderful. I think he is lucky
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In other news, there's a vacancy next to the cute young woman in apartment A4

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Sadistic, I love it
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