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By GTPanda
Repo Man has you in the palm of his hand~

“I'm the monster
I'm the villain
What perfection
What precision
Keen incisions
I deliver
Unscathed organs
I deliver
I deliver
I'm the repo, LEGAL ASSASSIN!!!”

(Guess who LOVES Repo! The Genetic Opera, and maybe loves the idea of the repo man as a hired assassin pred?)
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McCreeple's avatar

I usually don't like to mix my gore with my gt but I find myself oddly fond of this piece. Damn, I cant believe I couldn't tell it was the Repo man from the get go, I need to watch that movie again. Anyway, other than that damn this is awesome.

Nuka-Corgi's avatar
The colours in this are mmmmmMMMMM
DryadTess's avatar
Dude! This looks awesome! the use of colors, the angle you drew this, and how the blood stands out against the blue makes this piece look so much scarier!