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Earthbound Wallpaper by Xierra099 Earthbound Wallpaper :iconxierra099:Xierra099 20 2 Bunny onesie by rebenke Bunny onesie :iconrebenke:rebenke 55 3 Happiness by Exceru-Karina Happiness :iconexceru-karina:Exceru-Karina 118 17 Pikachu and togedemaru by Exceru-Karina Pikachu and togedemaru :iconexceru-karina:Exceru-Karina 146 20
Hawaiilight Reel: Sun and Moon Episode 13
And we are Back
Unlucky 13? Well, it was a meh episode, but a twist in the end
I think the issue was that it had a lot of dumb logic in it
So away we go
Episode 13

The Moment when you haven't been at school for 5 whole episodes despite the series selling the fact that Ash is meant to be going to School
Instead, Ash has been plopped behind Mallow training for a Pancake race, because Ash has to be involved in every plot
We've addressed how adorable Mallow is (and will probably address it here again), but Bounsweet is adorable too
Kukui joins Ash for buying supplies, since he can't be trusted to cook alone
Seriously Stop
And enter Noa, a Pancake shop owner with the Alolan Raichu and the Pancake Race champion
As much as Alolan Raichu was cool, I'm still annoyed that they didn't bring back Puka for an Alolan Raichu ¬_¬
Pikachu seems to fear for his evolutionary state the way Ash is looking at Alolan Raichu
Can Pikachu ever get along with a Raichu?
Those are some Nice Panca
:icon42dannybob:42Dannybob 2 7
Hawaiilight Reel: Sun and Moon Episode 6
Okay, Hawaiilight Reel is back
This time it's the Sophocles episode, at least, that's what we presumed
but you'll see soon enough
Episode 6

Kukui's House is way too in shape here, plus we also have to address the Pikipek, with Rowlet evolving out of its part flying type, will Ash get a Pikipek? I mean he had 3 Flying Types last series
Rotom doesn't seem to take time out of the Dex, which is a little weird for me since it has no moves to defend itself in the Dex. I mean doesn't it miss it?
No Kukui, only Nanu can pull off that face
'Well today's the Weekend, meaning no school for you Ash, but it also means I actually have to do professor things...Off-Screen!' (Seriously though do we ever see professors researching? Professors usually have a PhD which requires mandatory research and reviews, being a Professor also means you need to have students - and Ash isn't really learning in Kukui's classes is he?)
'Well I'm off, I'm sure you'll be fine alone in my house/lab for the day afte
:icon42dannybob:42Dannybob 1 4
Hawaiilight Reel: Sun and Moon Episode 91
Alrighty, Hawaiilight Reels on Sundays...weird
But the new timetable will take getting used to regardless
But yeah, new time, new day, same Hawaiilight Reel ;D
And after the whole Necrozma arc we're in for some more general episodes
Filler, really, but SM was never one for long plots
But without further ado, let's go!
Episode 91

Adorable Alolan Bonnie returns
And it's Pikachu village, with the Caravan included
Annnnnd crazy cosplay girl
Oh god Pikachu has a sweet spot
Craaaaaazy Cosplay Girl
And there goes the Sharpedo we just jumped
Seriously why does she have a cat face when Pikachu are electric mi-ohhhh...
Do you think the ones with hair are related to Sparky?
Kiawe is SHOOK
And Alolan Bonnie knows how to play on the heartstrings
And of course we used it to make Kiawe to looks stupid
Remember Kiawe, you gotta count the Pikachu
Annnnnnnd lost count
'Oh my god look at him, he's bald!'
Pika gets all the Chus
Do have to appreciate that the female Pikachu all have eyelashes as we
:icon42dannybob:42Dannybob 2 3
feb twitter by FuPoo
Mature content
feb twitter :iconfupoo:FuPoo 88 2
comish309 by FuPoo comish309 :iconfupoo:FuPoo 139 0 Powerpuff Teens by JustSomePainter11 Powerpuff Teens :iconjustsomepainter11:JustSomePainter11 101 22 Leave Her Be by LittleViktoria
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Leave Her Be :iconlittleviktoria:LittleViktoria 208 11
Goku and chichi by Isuk Goku and chichi :iconisuk:Isuk 316 27 Hands up! by Neko-Rina Hands up! :iconneko-rina:Neko-Rina 1,025 85 [Speedpaint] Enjoying Summer by Neko-Rina [Speedpaint] Enjoying Summer :iconneko-rina:Neko-Rina 1,137 123 [+Video] Collab with Yamio by Neko-Rina [+Video] Collab with Yamio :iconneko-rina:Neko-Rina 1,228 138 [+18] COM for imitationrain by Neko-Rina
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[+18] COM for imitationrain :iconneko-rina:Neko-Rina 542 82


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