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Space worker

By gtiber
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This is based on a drawing by Kai Spannuth and
Mario Leuschner ([link]). I used zspheres to get the shape of the 3 characters, worked the forms with basic shapes and then refined, refined, refined. The modeling is kind of soft but i wanted to focus on the big picture and not spend to much time on any single part. Thanks to the original creators from who i learned a lot from in the process.
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Very good model creation . Cool scene.
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Oh, that is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!
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Nice work!. Love the textures and the whole picture. Very effective. Gone to the Fav!!
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Harambe got an upgrade.
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No, it's a dead joke. Don't use it.
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You must have lots of friends.
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No I'm completely honest. It's as old as 'Arrow to the knee'
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I guess you used to be a memer, but then you took an arrow to the knee.
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Buy a joke book

I'm not replying to this anymore.
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Wow, pretty cool! awesome model :)
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i love this style nice work job awsome
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Looks good!  The chimpanzee reminds me of the one at the zoo in "Penguins of Madagascar".
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Nice winston skin
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More like Hammond's concept :-)

they did say they would like to add another mech like hero...
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Hahaha! This is great!
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its boss time!
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very cool and original
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Great render ! I like the concept :D
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"Get away from her you BITCH!" - Ellen Ripley
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