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starfire beauty by Specialwater7 starfire beauty :iconspecialwater7:Specialwater7 6 0
Mature content
Maid and Master :iconlheriss:Lheriss 57 1
Mature content
Ordering Suits online (pt. 1) :iconyannick-kun75:Yannick-kun75 30 2
first time with a suit (repost) by LemonxChanh
Mature content
first time with a suit (repost) :iconlemonxchanh:LemonxChanh 121 10
Becoming a stewardess page 3 translated (sorta) by SkinSuitLover123 Becoming a stewardess page 3 translated (sorta) :iconskinsuitlover123:SkinSuitLover123 70 2
Mature content
Never going back - What's her secret Ch.07 :iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 36 3
Do you use cheatcodes  by Specialwater7 Do you use cheatcodes :iconspecialwater7:Specialwater7 6 2
Mature content
Never going back - What's her secret Ch.04 :iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 59 4
Never going back - What's her secret Ch.03
The key to the door turned and a familiar click echoed inside the great room. Nathan took a deep breath and went for the door knob, opened it and entered. Once inside he took a look around. It was much more spacious than you'd think, looking at the house from the outside. He thought he'd be looking at an empty house, but to his surprise it was almost fully decorated. It looked somewhat old from the outside, but inside it looked like it was renovated yesterday. The hardwood beneath his feet he could almost see his own reflection, as if no one had ever lived there before. He paused for a moment, considering whether he should take off his shoes or not.  "Fuck it, I can clean it up later." he muttered to himself. He dropped his backpack and entered the great room. Furniture was already there. A giant, modern brand new sofa along with a table strategically placed in front of a 70" LED TV. Besides the TV and multimedia bench you could find a well equipped
:iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 47 2
Never going back - What's her secret Ch.01
Nathan was on his way home. He just graduated from high school and was looking forward to summer vacation. Finally he could take some time off and relax. He glanced down towards his graduation diploma and thought to himself about what to do next in life. He stared out the car window,  lost in thought. His mother, Kimberly glanced over at him with a smile and happy voice. 
“so Nathan, you’ve graduated and I bet there’ll be celebrations coming up. Planning on joining your class mates?"
He thought for a while and just let out a short reply, “I guess I’ll drop by, but it’ll probably be boring anyway.."
His mother noticed his lack of enthusiasm and pried further; “Oh ? Not gonna go off with a bang along with your friends ? What about any cute girls ?"
He thought for a while before replying “Sure I’ll go and show everyone how socially awkward I am at big parties.
:iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 62 2
Knowers Series episode 4
After I get home, I immediately run up to my room. My parents try to ask my why I'm late, but I ignore them. Mom's eyes aren't aligned.
I get up to my room and lock the door.
I look at my face in the dresser over the mirror.
Nothing special. Short, black hair that I usually spike up in the front. I usually wear sunglasses because I was born with a birth defect that made my eyes very odd and freaky to look at. I hide them under the glasses in public.
"No," I say to myself. Because my eyes are not real. I felt the film when I took off my face revealing...
I grab the zipper again and quickly pull down. I pull my face off. The Asian girl looks at me again.
I am very fond of her face.
"Is this what I really look like?" I think of it and suddenly, something stops me.
My voice. It is still masculine and deep.
"Is this real or another disguise?"
I can't tell. I can't tell anything anymore.
I pull under my lower eyelid.
My face distorts and the film moves showing my defected eyes under it.
:iconli0nw0lf:li0nw0lf 16 3
The knowers series episode 3
My breathing is shaky and my heart is beating out of my chest.
I grab the zipper and tentatively pull down. My face loosens and distorts. I pull on my chin an my face stretches. I feel the colored film peel off my eyes.
I grab the top of the now open zipper and force the mask off of my face.
The mask falls and hits my chest. It is attached to the suit by the neck.
As soon as the head comes off, black hair falls all around me. It is very long.
Quickly, I look into a puddle to see my reflection.
A nice-looking Asian girl stares back at me.
I feel at the base if my neck. No zipper.
As much as I don't want to, I have to put my old face back on. Wouldn't do me good if I showed up to my parents with an Asian girl's face.
As soon as the mask is back on, I see the nerdy girl from bio class walking on the opposite side of the street. But then again, her real name is Eric, as I had learned earlier.
As soon as she/he passes me, I say quietly,"what is going on around here."
She stops and turns aro
:iconli0nw0lf:li0nw0lf 18 1
The knowers series episode 2
Liam, my best friend, was my crush all along.
But after the initial shock, a thought occurred to me.
If "Kate" was Liam, who was "Liam"?
No time to question that now. Liam turned into a room at the side of one of the hallways. I listened through the door.
"Hello boys," I heard Liam say in his normal voice. I was unsure whether he was talking to actual boys or what. I was unsure of anything at this point.
I heard a peeling and unzipping noise and a few seconds later, the sound of a heap of rubber and cloth hitting tile.
"Oh, hey Liam. How was your day?"
"Not so great. Let my position slip a little to an unknower."
"Ooohh... Tough. How'd you cover it up."
"I didn't, really. I kind of made sure he wouldn't investigate, though."
"I don't know if that'll be enough, bro."
"Is this that William Jacobson?" A female voice I didn't recognize. "Yes, he was trying to open Eric's zipper during my class." Was that the bio teacher's real voice? And Eric? A guy named Eric was the nerdy girl? I wasn't
:iconli0nw0lf:li0nw0lf 22 0
A Pathside Reunion by WeebWriteMan A Pathside Reunion :iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 116 11
Falling Into Another World TG (Blanc? Skinsuit TG)
I’m so hungry. I could go for anything right now. Pizza, soup, walnuts, even brussels sprouts. Just give me something please…
I look down at my wallet once again and weep. Not a single cent in there. If this were some cheesy sitcom, tumbleweed the size of a dime would somehow be rolling around inside of it. This is the worst time for my parents to start running into financial problems. I got no job, which means I got no money, which further means I got no food.
Enough about all that stuff, let’s get to me. My name is Wolf. As you all can tell, I am in a sort of a pickle right now. I need food and I am out of any known currency. I usually get money from my parents, but they called me this morning to tell me the tragic news. I am quite known for being the extreme shut-in in the neighborhood. I guess what that man said was true though. ‘It doesn’t matter how much you try to isolate yourself from society, when a person has no food, they will eventually work so
:icon2000redred:2000Redred 264 29
Mature content
Skinwalker :iconrebelmyth:RebelMyth 52 51


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