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Lia was an intricate, delicate craftswoman that could easily put others to shame. Creating things that constantly made the people gape or gasp or grovel at. Like the flight suit she wanted to take for a test run, or even the goggles she'd made herself to help see in the dark, using special glowing gems that were found in unusual openings.

She was extremely talented, someone that most others would look up to, she took great pride in that fact. With all that handiwork, she was easily one of the most popular in the little village, the one tucked away into an underbrush of plants and leaves, hidden away so no one could find them.

Completely safe.

She relaxed into a wooden chair in the corner of her shop, sweat beaded her brows as she raised a glove, that was a little too big for her hands she'd admit - and a reason why she usually worked gloveless - to wipe at the perspiration.

She brushed her escaped bangs away from her eyes, tucking the pale teal strands behind a pierced ear. Soft crimson eyes scanning around her work area.

She had a hammer laying askew over her desk, with some oversized nails and a couple lost screws she'd gathered not too far from it. She had plans, decorating the walls, showing what she wanted to make, and what she had made.

Her creations lined the walls, set up and held by specially designed fish hooks she'd manipulated into holding more weight than usual. Other tools were laid about carelessly on the floor, but to her, everything had it's place. And if something wasn't in it's place, then to her, it could be essentially lost in this catastrophic, organized workshop.

She was one of the few in the town that knew how to fix anything that may break. Such as doors, windows, toys, trinkets, you name it. She'd even helped design the place of the village and how it hid.

She was a trusted soul in the town, and she couldn't let that piece of work go to waste.

Sitting up, and pushing herself into a stand after she ducked under a streamlined climbing rod hanging from the ceiling, Lia began to tug at her gloves. Pulling the middle finger off before following with the rest. Setting them down against the workbench, she leaned down against it. Peering out the window at the fading sky, pastel colours beginning to line the deep blue, into a more gentle pink and magenta. Even the essence of dark blue began to paint along the lines like an artist would with a perfected brush.

A small sigh wracked her frame, it was closing time.

She could already see other storefronts closing up and finishing with their day jobs before heading back to their families for the night. She loved her job, but sometimes, even doing what she loved got a little repetitive.

Lia let her hands fall into her eyes, giving up on trying to push them back and her orbs began to give off a steady, warm glow. Everything about their little town she adored. The way everyone got along, how the streets were paved with smooth rocks and pebbles. Nothing jagged, and they made sure of it. The way the moon and sunlight fell into their hidden pasture perfectly. She loved every inch of land they had to themselves, but getting out their, to see a world that wasn't hers, would be so breathtaking.

That's why she'd built the flight suit and adjusted the goggles so they could physically withstand more powerful gusts of wind up in the air, then just staying down on the forest floor, trying to decipher what it was like in the sky.

Reaching over, she started to pull the large single glass pane shut, sealing it for the night as she clipped it into place with a pin and a latch. It wasn't difficult to use, but more so how to get in from the outside.

Undoing the small bow she'd tied behind her back to keep from her work apron from being a nuisance, she slid the rest of it over her head and hung it on yet another hook she'd perfected for just the cause. Yes, her job could make coming up with simple answers for everyday things so much easier.

If there was a better time to leave, she'd have to consider it.

She'd dedicated so much of her life and time to this village, everyone knew who she was and how involved she could be. That always managed to raise her spirits a little more every time she thought about it; and it wasn't a pride thing, either.

Swiping her desk clear, Lia began to organize her extra papers and tucked them all away into a small pouch she had just off to the side of the bench. She placed her palms firmly against the wood, letting her hands run over the smooth, polished surface.

The light was fading faster now, and the evening was growing darker. Reacting swiftly, as to not be left in the darkness, she grabbed a small piece of flint and broke it off, swiped it against her leg and lit the small sap candle she kept in her store for nights. The longer it burned, the more the shop would smell of maple.

It was going to be a quiet night tonight, mostly everyone would be out and about, maybe chattering quietly amongst themselves while stargazing. She knew that most of that happened on a clear, starry night.

Grabbing her overcoat, which was made of soft, dark green leaves, she left her suit and goggles out in the open. She was coming back for those, but she wasn't sure just when yet...

Shutting the door to her little store, Lia set out on her way back to her home. The constant soft hum of wings buzzed around her and she tucked her hands further away into the sleeves of her coat. The night was warm, but she was easily cold. She lived in a village with many others, countless others even; but only one like her.


That's why the flight suit would give her such a thrill. She'd finally be able to fit in with everyone else. Yes, it'd only be used for gliding. No, she couldn't just up, up and away into the sky like the others, but that didn't matter. Everyone here wanted to stay here, Lia wanted to see the world.

Why was she the only one without wings? It was a long story, but it could be summed up in only a few quick words.

A blinding flash of white light.

That's when her whole world had been flipped upside down. She'd been too young to really understand what had happened to her, but she'd been taken in by the kindest people. Markus and Thea. They treated her like a daughter, even if she couldn't remember her real parents. They'd been the ones to find out she had such a passion for tinkering, for inventing and making new things.

They'd been the ones to encourage her completely.

Lia wasn't sure if getting out of there was the best idea, not without telling anyone, but what could she do? It wasn't like she was leaving and never coming back. She'd never forgive herself for a selfish stunt like that.

Sucking in a deep breath of fresh, spring air, she kept walking. The summer night was crisp and she let it ruffle her bangs. Blinking around, her eyes were drawn to the sky.

The moon sliced a clear path for her vision, stars smattered across the night. Twinkling brightly. They looked like crushed diamonds against the black canvas sky.

Her footsteps were silent against the smooth pebbles as she headed down the street; the sad thing was Lia was prone to being stared at. The lack of wings was new to the younger generations. The older ones, such as mothers, fathers, even grandparents knew where she'd came from, where the younger ones didn't. They didn't understand why she was the only on in the village to be wingless, but they never said anything about it to her face, maybe a passing remark to their guardian out of innocence but nothing that was meant to be rude on purpose.

Kids could say things that could come out sounding rude, when really, it was just their pure innocence showing through. Telling the world they were curious and didn't understand. Children were lovely creatures, wanting nothing more than to quench their thirst for answers.

She was never like that as a kid.

Never had the chance to, not since this had happened to her.

Lia blinked into the night, making out forms of others fluttering above her and passing some that refused to even fly. She didn't understand why they were so against it, while some saw it as freedom. The way it should be viewed.

Pale, crimson eyes glowed softly as she brought her gaze down to the ground, illuminating where she stepped as to keep herself from tripping over her own two feet. It wasn't unlikely to see Lia trip, but it was embarrassing nonetheless.

"Where's Lia?" A sharp male voice cut through the darkness. It sounded strained and tired, as if he'd just run a marathon and won.

She wanted to say she recognized that voice, but before she could place it, she'd have to see a face. Then it'd be much easier. She focused her gaze into the night, knowing that the voice was coming in front of her.

The sound of someone getting closer drew her attention and the girl ducked out of the way as someone nearly barreled her over. He seemed to be holding something, but she couldn't make it out as his wings had wrapped around himself as if to protect whatever he carried against him.

His eyes were a sharp salmon as he gazed right to her, back still half turned away from her, half turned to face her. Whatever he was holding, it sure must've meant a lot to him. He quickly overlooked her, knowing that whoever Lia was, she was the only one without wings. So, once he found that person, he'd find the girl he was looking for. "Do you know Lia?" The tone in his voice showed that he was desperate to find her.

"I-I beg your pardon?" She stumbled over her words, hesitant as she tilted her head to the side, at least trying to catch a glimpse of what the newcomer held so preciously.

"Do you know Lia," he strained her name, as if trying to make do with what little knowledge he had.

She dipped her head into a frantic nod. "Y-yes, you're looking at her."

The moment she'd said who she was, he narrowed his eyes. "Wings?"

Lia pursed her lips, showing that she wasn't impressed with how this chat was exactly going. Turning on her heels, the teal haired girl slipped her shoulders out of her jacket to reveal that she had no place for wings. Not even marks that could represent that she'd had them torn off. She turned back around to slowly see the man unfurling his wings from comfortably around him. Revealing that he wasn't carrying just any parcel;

He was carrying a child.
Yoo hoo~

You don't know how excited this story is already making me feel! This could go so many different ways, but I have ideas on how I want it to go. No, this is not a lost cause. Yes, this is a Supernatural G/T story. But not just any one! One I'm going to be entering into nightmares06's BA Contest.

You can find the journal here:…

Lia is a precious new baby of mine, one that I really do want to cherish. She may solely be for the purpose of this story or not, I'm not sure yet. Either way, she's precious to me already c:


Feedback is always welcomed.~

Plot, Lia, Markus, Thea (c) me
Brothers Apart (c) nightmares06
Any characters of Supernatural mentioned (c) Eric Kripke
© 2017 - 2021 GT-Kathryn
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Firenze11's avatar
This is the best start I've seen in a while! I look forward to seeing what you are going to do with it.
GT-Kathryn's avatar
Thank you! I appreciate the compliment~. It took a lot more planning then I think I've ever done for a story c;
Heroofthe13thDay's avatar
I love how you set it up! Lia reminds me a lot of Tinkerbell from the new movies. However, she has her own flair so I want to know more about her.
I wonder from which AU this is and if she's going to meet the Winchesters!
GT-Kathryn's avatar
Lia does have that Tinkerbell spunk, doesn't she? She does have an interesting character, especially the deeper you go with her!
Don't worry, she'll have enough of the brothers when the time is just right!~
YouAreCool10's avatar
"That's when her whole world had been flipped upside down."

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down! 😂😂😂😂
Drag759's avatar
Oh I can already tell this has so sooo much potential. The scene is painted wonderfully and I have so many questions from this part alone. God I'm so excited to see where this goes! And best of luck in that contest!
GT-Kathryn's avatar
Awe, thank you, you're really to kind! So many ideas, so little time :c All the well, it gives me more plots to follow along through if I really wanted too! Questions, wonderful! Maybe I'll unknowingly answer some in the next chapters coming up to play.~ And thank you kindly!
Drag759's avatar
So many ideas, so little time.... definitely our motto. And looking forward to reading the next part and such.
GT-Kathryn's avatar
Ahh, that feeling is certainly coming back c,:
nightmares06's avatar
Intriguing start! I can't wait to see where you go with it, and I'm wondering who the people are that adopted Lia. Wings and hidden, and she has trouble fitting in with them..
GT-Kathryn's avatar
I have so many ideas for this! Whether they actually come to play, or just sit on the sidelines, I'm not sure yet. As for Markus and Thea, they really are too sweet, there shall be more of them.~ Super pumped for how this goes c: I honestly haven't been happier for a story in a very long time ^w^
nightmares06's avatar
^-^ That makes reading it even better!
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