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For lovers of Fantasy Adventure and Science Fiction!
(for those who don't know, GT stands for Giant Tiny, meaning the art and/or story has giant people or, tiny people or both!)

Love clean GT but want something more classic? Need some action and excitement? GT-Adventures is here for you! A group that loves fantasy and science fiction adventure, with giants and/or tiny people!
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Jake The Borrower Ch1
Space is No Place for a Human
Their waiting had paid off. The kitchen, which had been full of activity for the past hour was beginning to empty as the chefs cleaned the utensils until they sparkled. This many cooks meant something, the larger kitchen was only used if an event was being hosted, but there were no guests in the house and all the prepared food was being stored in the large freezer. Most of the food looked like desserts. Small pastries artfully decorated with flowers over colored marzipan that indicated cake flavor and type of filling, individual fruit tarts made of a rainbow of jams, fudge made on top of flaky cookies and cut into squares, . They worked like a well oiled machine, as if everything down to locking up had been timed.
The thing about pastries was if any were flawed, they were thrown away, even if they would taste just as amazing. What a waste, and letting such fine creations go to waste would be a crime!
Jake and Nog weren’t going to sta
:icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 23 5
This ends tonight. He promised her he would make things right and he was a man of his word. Now if he could only figure out how. He kept hidden in the dark passages behind the walls, waiting for the right moment to move. Keeping track of the glowing light beyond the door, in this world the sun never rose and the only light came from the over sized moon that hung in the sky. Bright and unmoving. It shined on a massive complex of white pearlescent buildings reminiscent of ancient Greece that had been carved into the side of a mountain. Aside from the moons light, numerous pillars that contained a softly glowing light illuminated the many outside walkways. Lights that he was waiting for to dim, singling the arrival of sleeping hours.
With no working watch he couldn’t tell how long he had till then, all he could do was wait and try not to nod off until it was safe to traverse the halls. Thoughts of his beloved medic filled his mind as he unconsciously fussed with the makeshift weapon
:iconnscmseiyaryu:nscmseiyaryu 7 6
Human Accessory Ch 2
   I covered my face into my bare arms. I can’t bare to look up to my massive captor in shame. Her face was a beaming smile.I begin to sob. This can’t be what my life amounts to could it? Nothing but a fashion accessory to glamorize the rich and powerful. Tears start to fall down my cheeks and onto my arms.I begin rocking myself back and forth in my little glass sphere. This must be a dream, this must be a dream. No, this must be a nightmare. I close my eyes tightly shut, when I open them I will be awake in my bed. I count to three and open my eyes.
   To my distress Elizabeth my giant captor was still there. On the bright side her beaming smile has been replace with a look of slight concern. She looks down at me. “Are you ok” she asks.I am a little vexed at this question. Do I look ok? I was kidnapped off the streets, shrunk down, and given to a rich brat as a vanity item. Of course I am not ok.
   “ I can’t have my new
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Human Accessory(Chapter 1)
   I was running late for a very busy day at work.  I missed my alarm for the morning, rushed out of bed, rushed through a shower, barely made myself presentable for my meetings, and now skipping breakfast and running down the street to the office. It was in short a bad day. Molly Allen, big boss of the office rising through the ranks everyday, I said to myself to raise my confidence, but no one told me how much work it would be.
   By now I work in the upper divisions of “The Company”. No one, that I know at least, is really sure about the true nature of The Company, I am not even sure of it's actual name myself let alone what it makes. All I know is that I am managing people to do something, and that something is important enough to pay well. And the pay is what is important, at least to people like me.
   When I said I work for the upper divisions of The Company, I meant it. The city is built layered now that there is no more room to ex
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Welcome to The Irony Zone (I mean it. Don't take our favorites that seriously. Unless it is stuff we couldn't get into our gallery, but really wanted)
The rest of the favorites are things the admins like that sort of, almost, "related" to gt (like The Giants, and They Might Be Giants)


Joining: If you love GT, fantasy and science fiction then join us!

Art and Literature Submittions: Before you submit anything please read the rules. The rules can be found here:

In fact, you will likely be asked to summarize your stories anyways! It's much easier on us!
Hey everyone! Long time no talk. Deviantart's new layout is annoying. I'll figure out how to view submissions again eventually.
For now: why not join our discord server?
It's GT-Adventures! Vaguely fantasy adventure themed server. SFW focused with limited channels for nsfw content (bc I'm not really one for nsfw but sometimes there are tasteful nudes to appreciate)
  • SFW oriented server that is for Adults Only! (sorry kids, I cannot be responsible for you!)
  • Three organized Categories for general and GT conversations, art, writing, and fun fooling around!
  • Fun fantasy themed roles! You want to be an giant alien dragon? well youíre in luck, those are all roles you can have!
  • yes there is still a nsfw channel for those who want, for easy use and for those who donít want, easy muting! Mostly for soft tender fluff.
  • There is a vore section for those that want to use it, but for those who prefer not to, also easily muted! No judgment!
  • Note: due to the fantasy adventure theme a certain amount of uncensored fantasy violence is allowed! However most of it, and more extreme depictions and conversations will be contained in special designated channels!
Ok! come and join us! <3
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Groups like us! For art and literature of the sci-fi and fantasy genres or Giant Tiny.


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I read the submission link rule thing and I'm still not sure exactly what are the qualifiers, I understand you want more than just casual chilling fluff but beyond that I'm not sure.
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