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Blue Spirit at DragonCon

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Photo taken by Bryan Humphrey: [link]

Mask by My Wicked Armor: [link]

This is a pretty basic, comfortable costume. More than anything, the mask and swords are what make it so cool =) The top, pants, straps, and sash are 100% linen. The gauntlets, sword strap, and greaves are veg tanned leather.

Dragon*Con 2010.
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Where did you get the shoes?
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Would you happen to have a link so I can buy those sword? I would appreciate that very much. Thank you!
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Look up "twin dao swords" or "dual dao swords" on google - good luck!
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I eventually found it and ordered them! Thank you anyways! I was trying to find which sites were legit or not.

I can't wait!
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Ok... Now you're talking!
Actually, the blue spirit is one of my favourite characters ( in order, Zuko, Toph, Iroh); but then the blue spirit is kindof zuko, isn't it?
This pic is brilliant!
fav fav fav!!!
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You know, random thought, going back through my faves, I think those dual daos are the same ones that I have! Right down the to the curved hilts guards, blue grip wraps, and light wood scabbard. :D
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We purchased them from Beijing Imports/ I was quite amazed that these things even existed. I had pretty much convinced myself that we'd need to make them from scratch (or frankenstein some sword molds together). They're definitely a good find!
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Yeah, I was pretty shocked as well to find they were still made. I have two or three sites that I go to for martial arts weapons. I got my two sets online, from Superior Martial Arts and Kung Fu Direct, respectively. They definitely are worth having. :)
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I love it! Well done!
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Very nice Blue Spirit! :clap: Are the dual daos real? The hubby was going to go as the Blue Spirit but didn't have the time to get a good costume together. Next year though...:D
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Thank you! The dual daos are real metal, but thankfully, the blade edges are not sharp at all. The inside edge of each hilt is flat, and the sheath is actually designed for both swords to fit quite snugly inside.
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Cool! :) I was just curious cause I have two sets of authentic steel dual daos and we weren't sure if they would be OK to bring to D*C or if they would have needed to been peace-bonded. They are probably a lot like your set; the edges aren't sharp and they come with a scabbard that holds each set together. I love my dual daos! :D
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The daos were peacebonded for the duration of the convention, except for this photo. Since there was a lot of space around Matt (no con-goers around), we felt it would be safe to have them out for just a minute or two.
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