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Good things are better when they're an arrow.
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Krash42Hobbyist Digital Artist
To the moon!
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K3NJ1MA3DAHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Pokecure123Hobbyist General Artist
Then a Fainting Couch Flatten Twilight!
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yazmen10Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh! I was looking at this pic,… and just had to notice this in the "More from dA" section!! xDD
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HowlsInTheDistanceHobbyist Traditional Artist
Tactical fabulosity strike! :D
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:iconviridiplz:: You are the arrow of light that pierces the heart of darkness!
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pottermore300Student Artist
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what rarity do this time
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SakioKurosawaHobbyist Traditional Artist
the joke is on you ha ha ha ... awesome work :D
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RainbowDashArtistStudent Digital Artist
yaay! Its what rarity DESERVES !! C:<
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"Don't worry. We're getting past this wall."
-"So you're going to launch Rarity over it?"
-"But she won't touch anything that looks like it might be dirty."
"Oh, I know. That's why I'm sending her in without her fashion survival kit. She'll make them open the gates by driving them crazy with her whining. They'll be begging for mercy!"

(This tab has been open for a LONG time, with this text still in the comment window...Chrome has crashed many a time, and never once lost the preinput text, lol, I have too many tabs open that I ignore...finally get around to closing this tab, and I see it with text left unposted.)
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8loodyrainHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool stuff bro
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GSphereHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :D
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mistypine01Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Twilight: I shot an Rarity into the air...

Rarity: Don't you DARE, Twilight!!

Excellent art.
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:icondeadpoolapprovesplz::iconsays3plz: She'll be fine!
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Spike must be rampaging again. Well... can't blame Twi for going with what works.
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Lord-MandibleHobbyist Digital Artist
Uhhh... Twilight, I think there's something wrong with your bow.
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Getting annoying friends to leave you alone... With style!
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joeyh3Hobbyist Digital Artist
This can only end in awesome hilarity!
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pip-pip-rahHobbyist General Artist
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For science!

...Oh, Twi, what ARE you doing?
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MrFulpHobbyist Digital Artist
"Just point your horn at the target, you'll be fine! Horns grow back!"

*Twilight whispers to Owalicious*: "No zey don't."
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kitmehsuHobbyist Digital Artist
Me thinks twilight is following her brothers example.
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