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Bad Friend Boop

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Yesterday's episode was too sweet.
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
That's adorable :3
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaww! These two are adorable! Love it! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
Aaaaaaw. :)
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R-DollHobbyist Traditional Artist
It was an amazing episode. I may have to re-watch it. :3
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waraiigoeHobbyist Digital Artist
That episode was amazing omg >W<
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ijustloveit619Student Digital Artist
I think I shed a little bit of Liquid Pride in that episode >_<
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CutieHaloHobbyist General Artist
woah her hair is cray cray XD
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SavageLunareStudent Traditional Artist
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VengefulStrudelHobbyist Digital Artist
Yay Moondancer! Quite a heartwarming episode~ Gotta love that adorkable hair :3
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Twilight performs the Five Point Hoof Exploding Heart Technique, the ancient and secret martial art art move taught to her by Celestia, to finish her old rival once and for all. :D
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You're Lauren Faust?
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Twilight: You think you were under stress? You should have seen me once turning Ponyville upside down just because I was afraid to be a tardy.
Moondancer: Hahahaha! That's you all right. What happened?
T: Well... I had to give a report about friendship lesson each week. That's what I thought until the Princess told me there was no necessity of the sort. I realized that despite my organized schedules and my checklists-
M: What? You still do that?
T: Well, yes. Why?
M: Uh, just asking. What happened next?
T: Like I said, despite all my organization I discovered that I still haven't learned a lesson about friendship and I had until that same evening to send a report-
M: A lesson about friendship?
T: Please, let me finish. I will explain it to you later. So, despite my best efforts for finding one, I snapped under stress and panicked. I used a Want it, need it spell on a old doll and I had and-
M: Are you crazy?! You used that kind of spell without the-
T: I know! I know! Princess Celestia found out. She grounded me.
M: Ha!
T: Not funny.
M: You deserved it.
T: I know. *sigh* If it wasn't of the help if my friends I have would probably been sent into Canterlot. And I would not be a Princess of Friendship when I think about it...
M: That some friends you have in Ponyville.
T: Yeah... Uh... I mean-
M: That's okay. But you got to teach me this.
T: What?
M: That Want it, need it spell.
T: Huh? What for?
M: I have my reason.
T: Does that reason implies Minuette, Twinklestar, Lyra and Lemon Square?
M: I have my reason.
T: Moon?
T: *grin*
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Great story! :XD:
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Thanks a lot! I appreciate it. :-)

As for what she'll do with it, I leave that to the reader's imagination.
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VazquezG19Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So cute! I want to give Moondancer a hug, she deserves it so much!
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YoshiRingoStudent Digital Artist
Dawwww, I still miss your adorable Big macs sleeping X3
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It was very adorable. I immediately re-watched it.
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it was all of the adorbs too, I mean come on, turtle neck sweater, glasses, good moral lessons, and an exact copy of twilight sparkle's animation body in a different color!? Totally worth a taco party!

.....on second thought, I'm out of tacos...
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Sonata Icon "No...tacos"? Waaaah!
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no sadly...only pancakes...lots of em...
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Bacon Pancakes (Adventure Time Food) Icon Bacon Pancakes (Adventure Time Food) Icon Bacon Pancakes (Adventure Time Food) Icon
Twilight Sparkle (hug pancakes) plz
And Twilight is cuddling them as she sleeps.
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