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A Nurturing Hand

By GSkills
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Here to love, to nurture, to care,
Mummy and Daddy, we'll always be there

Thanks for looking at my latest drawing, I can hardly believe that I started this back in 2010!

Drawn on Bristol Board with a 2b 0.5 and 0.9 mechanical pencil. The background has a few layers of 9b derwent.

Model is my wife :iconireneshpak:
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Canon EOS 1000D
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24 mm
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Jun 6, 2012, 1:57:33 PM
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Wow you are just such an incredible artist. Wish i had the talent to draw my partner like this. Your soo inspiring although it does make me want to give up aswell looking at this art there is not hope i that i will ever achieve this level of art work.
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Thank you, I really appreciate the comments.

Just take your time when drawing, it will be worth it once you finish, and most importantly don't give up!
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Very touching and sweet :heart:
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Hey Lena, thank you so much! :)
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You're welcome ^_____^
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Congratulations on this finished artwork dude! It looks awesome!!
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A great work of art.
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Thank you very much :)
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amazingly detailed!
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Thank you so much :)
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This is Beautiful!
Which size is this? How do you get the background so dark? Only with the 9b pencil?
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Thank you very much.

The drawing is done on A3 paper. Yes, a couple of layers of 9b :)
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Yo G. Skillz!

Didn't realize you started this one 2010. But time never really matters after you've produced stunning work like this, dude. :nod:

Okay, now that you've completed another masterpiece, don't stop the momentum. Let's see another. :D

(p.s. LonLarsen below mentioned "talented family," which no trueer words have been spoken. Now imagine perusing the Owens home with all this amazing art abound. Uh, can you say "mini-museum," boys and girls? ;-)

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Thanks O!

Oh yeah, way back in 2010, which actually started as a productive year for me. I managed to get three whole drawings done in 2010! haha.

I'm straight onto another drawing, just taking reference pictures and deciding on the layout. I would like to get a couple more drawings done this year. I've been thinking about another drawing I want to do since at least 2010 but cant seem to figure it out in my mind, I must have done about 4 drafts so far! I hope to start that soon too or at least finalise the idea in my mind.

You can check it out our mini gallery when you're over, Irene's amazing art is on most of the walls!

Do you display your work in your home?
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No prob, G!

Three is great. Now, let's push for 4 by the end of this year, eh? :nod:

I'm sure the ideas will flow, soon. Even when I'm not able to draw and I'm somewhere out of town or wherever and an idea for a painting or drawing comes to mind, I just doodle it down in a scrap book for future reference. Which is all I've been able to do in the two years since I've worked on a proper illustration.

I'm not kidding, I would really love to come and chill at you alls place and check out that mini gallery. So keep me in mind when I call up from London! :-)

I do not display my work at home, but my lady has been seriously requesting that I do. Basically, I'm a helpless perfectionist, and if my work is on the wall, I'd be too tempted to take it down and correct it every time I look at it! :lmao:

I'm surprise that none of your works are up on the walls. Tell Irene, just because she produces more work than you, she should be an equal opportunity 'wall sharer' and share the freakin' wall space with you! ;-)
GSkills's avatar
You should display your work, put it up and let it breath.

Oh no, I do have my drawings up. They are in the bedroom. I just mean Irene's work is more striking to look at on the walls :)

Hey, can you at least submit one new piece by the end of July? Thats a challenge for you!
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I probably will display when I'm back in the States. Right now, (besides The Stranger, which was completed here) none of my best work is with me. :-(

Okay, man -- you got a deal. And that's only because I love a challenge. :nod:

Sh_t, now I gotta go get busy! :-)
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Are you planning to head back to the States in the near future?

Lets see who can finish first!
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I doubt if I'll make it back to the States anytime soon. Got a full travel schedule for the Summer. But perhaps in November or December for the holidays.

Oh, it's on like Donkey Kong! :ninjabattle:
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We so do have G's art on the wall! There are 5 drawings in our bedroom, thank you very much :no:
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Hahahahahahahahahahaha...Irene, I'm literally in a coffee shop right now, and I laughed out loud when I read this!!! All kinds of folks staring at me as if I am a lunatic! :lmao:
IreneShpak's avatar
LOL! Damn right, Mr. Davis, get your facts right. Starting nasty rumors about me here... :giggle:
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