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Depths of South Island

By gsilverfish
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It's done! Actually it would have been done a lot sooner (this is why you got a preview) but I managed to hurt my hand a bit after working extra hard on it the second day--I hold my stylus pretty tightly and after working for so long without a real break (once I get going on something like this it's hard to stop!) it started getting to me, I figured I'd better quit before I did some real damage.

Anyway, here's my latest Sonic picture! I like drawing the backgrounds so much I didn't even bother putting Sonic into this one. Thanks a lot to everyone who commented on the preview picture, and I hope you like the full version even better!

I'd like to do a second piece (making it a diptych!) showing the "city" levels, but it won't be for a while--focusing on my own non-fanart projects really takes priority! Thanks for looking everyone!
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Excluding Spring Yard Zone...

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Spring Yard Zone is on the surface, so it's off to the side ;)

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This is amazing! Could you draw only Labyrinth Zone landscape? Sonic water levels are the best! <3
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Thanks! I've done two other images that are just Labyrinth Zone if you check the Sonic part of my gallery :)
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Amazing work. Very lovely.
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I can't believe this wasn't already in my favorites :o
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it''s...:squee: :squee: [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov: AWESOME! 
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Gorgeous! Instant fave!
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it's gorgeous :O
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Love these zone concept art pieces! They're so cool.
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OMG is Beautiful! :omg:
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Hey! This is wonderful! I love how you've made Marble flow from Green Hill, I've always felt they were connected.  Love it!
Beautiful work!!
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Looking at this, I realized I never really thought about how South Island's levels could be laid out. Well done!
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Oh my - my- don't know! Beautifull!
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not bad this is great
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It's too bad they put Spring Yard right after Marble Zone in the game. In my opinion, this makes a lot more sense.
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I like to think that Labyrinth Zone is underneath Spring Yard, like maybe its sewer system dumps into it (ew). That way you still have the sense of going deeper underground and you don't have to do two "ruins" stages in a row.

Also many players would have been stumped less than half way through the game, if the comments on my Labyrinth Zone pics are anything to go by. :)
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Yeah, very cool.

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The beginning :D (Big Grin) 
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