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Cheech Wizard Pixel Walk Cycle
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Every now and then I get a little Vaughn Bode into my head. The look of the characters and those super saturated colors are so appealing, and I think "I will read some of these comics," but it always turns out they just aren't my thing. Love the art though!

Anyway I thought it'd be fun to try animating the Cheech Wizard, so here he is!
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I feel the exact same way about Bode, man. 

Guess I should have expected that. We are bros afterall! :D (Big Grin)   
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haha! Bro fives!

I actually picked up that recent Cheech Wizard collection ("The Big Book of Me") and my feelings are still pretty mixed. Having it all in print and right in front of me made it a lot more approachable (I read the whole thing!) but it's still not quite what I'd like it to be. Strangely, the first few pages are from some kind of world-building description and introduce a bunch of characters that seem like they'd be really fun to see in the Cheech world but, alas, none of them are in any of the following pages! 

It's a nice book though, I have to admit I'm glad to have it.
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Deimos-Remus|Professional Digital Artist
This is awesome! Vaughn Bode's stuff is great!
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