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Hey, thank You :D
I'm going to Karkonosze (The Giant Mountains) this Thursday, so those of You who watch me (and others, too ;) can expect many new deviations soon (next week) :D
I've installed Gimp quite a while ago but, sincerely, hadn't used it too much.
Now I work in Warsaw (and my home city is Szczecin) and had to leave my computer, so I work on my company's laptop where I can't legally install my Photoshop. Therefore I was forced into Gimp.
I must say it's quite a piece of a good software and I guess that when I get used to it's little awkard GUI, it will do its job nicely and smoothly.

Laptop's LCD isn't of high quality though (how I miss my Eizo LCD left at home...) so if my recent deviation isn't well colour balanced, don't blame me ;)
Recently I've bought a digital Lumix FZ-20 camera. You can find first submit of pictures taken with it in my gallery.
Yesterday evening I added some new pictures to my gallery - comments appreciated :)
After receiving some positive feedback from Loreena24 (her "The Light at the End of World" is still haunting my days and dreams ;) ) I decided to post some more works.

Merry Christmas to ye all :)
Wrzucilem dzisiaj dwie ze swoich fotografii na Deviant Art. Nie sa to arcydziela, ale coz... Bog obdarzyl mnie pragnieniem, ale nie talentem :))