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Magpie Dragon

Another lame title...

This is 10k kiriban for *Vallombrosa - "a dragon with a magpie's coloration". Hope you like it! ^^

check it out: [link] =D

photoshop, wacom
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What kind of breath weapon would a magpie dragon have?
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powerful screeching, i guess ;)

Fantastic concept. May I use the Magpie Dragon as a header for my new blog, With credit to you, of course. Thanks for considering my request.
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Whoa! This is totally a magpie in dragon form!

I mean, yeah, that was your intent, obviously, but you seriously achieved it!
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Your style is gorgeous!
Czy zgodziłabyś się na użycie tego sroko-smoka na przypinkę kolekcjonerów znaczków KOD-u?
Hello! I think you're drawing is amazing and I wonder if I may use it as an avatar in a forum?

Thanks! I'll make sure to credit You! It's for the beamdog (Baldurs gate) forums.

Cheers, keep up the good work!

Btw, "skatan", my nick in that forum, means Magpie in swedish, so i felt it was a fitting picture :D
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If possible, some credits would be appreciated :)
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Oh boy, just think of swooping season... we'd all die
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Wrong species of magpie I think haha.
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I came back to look at this again.....I still love it.
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love this, was searching for image of magpie a couple days ago and fell upon Magpie Dragon from you, which is a perfect combination and inspired a short poem. have posted yours with mine to my site with credit and links to you here. please let me know that this is an appropriate share of your work and if you prefer additional mention/credit in the post. thank you!!! love, megan…
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This has been added to the favorites collection of my group -- As a magpie dragon fusion (even if it's colors, it's still very much awesome ;3)
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I remember this from my beginnings in digital art. I guess this will be an iconic image for me until I've grown old and crumpled. Thank you so much for this piece. It combines both animals I adore fanatically: the dragon and the corvidae family. (Am doing a similar design right now so I found this again. So much love for this... )
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Sroka+smok epickieLa la la la
Widziałem już kilka takich smoków ale ten jest najlepszyLove 
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This is just frikken awesome. I love it!
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normally I don't like this kind of thing but :squee: :squee: It's awesome :D
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The colors on this are lovely.
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Ja mam sikorkę ;D
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Самый красивый дракон виденный мною.
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