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Yes! it happened! Yesterday it occurred to me (while having komion auction) that many seemed to be interested on these furry lizards and so I thought that making journal about it would maybe get more attention to this contest!

Let people know about this in DA and social media and go wild with mutated Komions >:)
Just joining the group is a great help and support in it self tho ~ :heart:
:excited: :excited: revamp... again. :omgomg: :lovesquee: Are You Happy 
:lights: :lights: :lights: 

Hi there peeps! Long time no journals - OR ANYTHING REALLY. Needless to say that I have been very inactive on this account the last two years - mostly this year - and I really am sorry about that. I actually wanna make myself new years promise of getting more active here! 
Thus I wanted to ask you guys that what do you honestly feel about me merging my two accounts GryAdventures and Grypwolf ? 

I am not sure what I will end up doing with these two in the end even if I hear you guys out - final word about my own galleries always belongs to myself, but I am still curious. It is not like much would change artwise. I would still continue posting my character art and occasionally commissions when I get thesis and other university things sorted out, but instead of separating ARPG art of my main gallery I would be posting them here, as in getting more active here.

I don't really have much to say about my own Holiday. Visiting parents is always nice but also tiring because Holy shit there was much much work to do and gifts to buy. I was able to works well enough last year and so I was finally able to buy myself PS4 and save for motorcycle licence. Hard work paying off! I feel embraced to talk about this stuff tho really because I don't usually do it, but hey it is holiday anyway and some might have been wondering how I am actually doing. 

But enough about my holiday! How is your holiday going? Excited? Annoyed? HORRIFIED? I hope you are well enough and that you are actually enjoying it even if there has been some sad sad events happening all around the world. I send all my hugs and Mini Strawberry Pixel strawberriesMini Strawberry Pixel  to the people who have suffered from the attacks. Please try to stay strong!

Now about that Feature I promised! It is not MUCH, but I met some awesome people last year and I just feel like it is right to give them feature. Reasons? Their art but ALSO because of who they are.

Please if you got tagged here and feel annoyed about it, let me know and I can remove you <3

.: | Happy Birthday Riskikoi | :.  SPEEDPAINT by Opianum  .: | Morning starts with hunting | :. by Opianum  .: | Night of Morte | :. Commission by Pashiino  .: | Rainbow Boy | :. Commission by Opianum

WE will take care by Elekses  Give me a smile by Elekses  Watch out! by Elekses

A Fascinating Danger by Owl-Beast  We Protect the Ones We Love by Owl-Beast  Death Looms by Owl-Beast

Best mom by tarynsgate  Wallpaintings by tarynsgate  Run floofers run by tarynsgate

.:Kukuri:. Torukan and co - Nothing For Kids by Askila-Deamon  .:Animation:. Loreley Oc MAP part 37 by Askila-Deamon  .:Kukuri:. WIP - Noren vs giggler - ANIMATION by Askila-Deamon


Fun Gathering [Payment] by Cachorroski  I will fight [Screenshot] by Cachorroski  Come on Leatt [BTT Tier 2] by Cachorroski


Stryx: Wisp Hunt - I'm blue dabadee dabadu by SmirkCatsTales  Kukuri: Gnarl Armor Ref by SmirkCatsTales  Avens Bookmark by SmirkCatsTales


I sense great adventurer in you [BTT tier 1] by jrusti  It was never a problem [BTT tier 2] by jrusti  Healing spirits [BTT tier 3] by jrusti

FRONT by impalae  Walker by impalae  Dare by impalae


Ancient Forces by EscapingValhalla  End of the Chase by EscapingValhalla  It runs in the family by EscapingValhalla

Monthly Quest: Ready for a snowball fight by Jalohauki  Basic Trust Training tier 1 | Salvia by Jalohauki  Event: A wall between freedom and chaos by Jalohauki

Hirm TFC by Riinnai  We won't go down in history, brother TFC by Riinnai  Bird by Riinnai

salvarpg / s-alvatore

| made out of star dust |+speedpaint by s-alvatore  let's travel to the moon and back by salvarpg  remember? BTT1 by salvarpg

Shizuka by SeaSuds   Sleeping Gods by SeaSuds Boop by SeaSuds

Commission - Trigger Warning by kuroya-ken  Bond. by kuroya-ken  Pumpkin Juice, Pumpkin Juice, Pumpkin Juice! by kuroya-ken

Mind breaker by MaraMastrullo  Luminous cave by MaraMastrullo  Gregory by MaraMastrullo

Early Ambush by amserpand  White Latex Boots by amserpand  Neferti Ap Payment by amserpand

Then some that are actually already familiar to me and maybe some of you:

Beautiful things by Unikeko  The Healing Springs by Unikeko  Mirror lake by Unikeko

Why Do We Fight by Riskikoi  Happy Halloween! by Riskikoi  Starfall by Riskikoi

Kukuri Handler Nou by Aoiameku  PKMNSkies: Dress Up for the Occasion by Aoiameku  Tyuni here Tyuni there by Aoiameku

Be careful what you wish for by Saiccu  Fading tears by Saiccu  Purification by Saiccu 

if you did not get tagged Do not worry. You may still have place in my heart. I just simply run out of energy. it is Midnight and I feel tired as hell so I will just head to sleep now.
:heart: BUT HEY. HAPPY HOLIDAYS :heart:

I have noticed that not too many actually knows about my second account - this thing has been around for a year already. So no I am not dead. Just felt like I need to betray you guys and disappear MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH have this art gaming hobby of mine separated from my other artwork.
BROTHERS IN ARMS by GryAdventures
I am the shadow, and the smoke in your eyes by GryAdventures  Man on a mission - Baby kukuri pile YKH by GryAdventures  Remember when we first met | BTT Tier 1 by GryAdventures  all for this one moment here with you - Daius by GryAdventures  No, no one there - Galyx by GryAdventures
Your sun will set here - Galyx by GryAdventures

yep. I am just basically leaving this here and running away ahhah.

I am super late at informing about this, but today Sunday 13th of March Therbis is hosting a charity stream for Animal Aid Unlimited over on picarto!
I am taking part in it with few other artists and gamers. Yes! we are going to stream either gaming or making of illustrations for 6 hours starting at 9pm Ger time! ( 10pm EET) on all platforms! Check world clock to see exact time for your timezone!

Donations goes to
If that page is not available in your country, please use this address in Paypal:


participating fellow artists and gamers:
Therbis - Artworks - Gaming Bullet; Green
Jenny2-point-0 - Gaming Bullet; Green
Elkaii - Artworks Bullet; Green
WildEllie - Artworks Bullet; Green
Jupp - Gaming Bullet; Green
kyubifan - Artworks - Gaming Bullet; Green
Jex-LumiKhoth - Gaming Bullet; Green
GrandpaPhoenix - Gaming Bullet; Green
SassCannon - Games - Artworks Bullet; Green
Riskikoi - Artworks/gaming Bullet; Green
Grypwolf - Artworks Bullet; Green
Stuermsche - Artworks Bullet; Green

Video and flyer by Therbis. Bellow some more info copied from journal We are ready for charity! MAKE SOME NOISE!
Animal Aid Unlimited is a rescue-centre, hospital and sanctuary for ownerless street animals in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. 

The head streams will be leaded by Therbis and Jupp, the founder of the idea for Streaming Charity. Doing their own streams for the charity too, they are also the contact persons while, before and after the streaming event!
You will find them live on their own platforms on 13 march at : &
You are interested in streaming with us?
Contact Therbis at to get registered and all your informations for the stream!
Be it participating fellow streamer or watcher we welcome your support! :heart:.

I may be a little bit intimidated by sheer number of notes and messages in my inbox...
Just you guys wait I will get back to them. I will :'D I have been neglecting this part of my life too long now.

*sips coffee at dark corner and laughs nervously* 
People.... I have no words. Yet again I was gifted with such a great amount of nice art for my birthday and holidays. So many of them and even more than that there were people wishing me happy birthday and happy holidays and such! That is why thought I could make up Feature journal. Small kind. As a thank you. I have been really busy with all the house chores for the holidays so I still haven't had time to comment on half of these, but as always I WILL leave a comment.
In all of them.
Most likely right after making this.

Narri by Sally-Ce  The night of horror by Sally-Ce  I wish for solitude + SPEEDPAINT by Sally-Ce

  Laughter sinks by AzorART 

Tulilintu .:GIFT:. by MykalaBlue  State of MIND by MykalaBlue  .:.:.:.:.:. by MykalaBlue

Merry Christmas Gry! by RaykaLNova  Send me on my way by RaykaLNova  The hypernova in me by RaykaLNova

You Made me This Way! by LupusDream  Holding the Galaxy by LupusDream  A Long Life Means Nothing by LupusDream

Grypwolf! by Noctualis  Kalambo by Noctualis  Into the light by Noctualis

Gry (early birthday) by UsaretamaSai  Merry Christmas by UsaretamaSai  Sparkyy by UsaretamaSai

[G] Lightning by ElectricExploder  [G] Walkin' by ElectricExploder  [G] Two by ElectricExploder

Gift: Grypwolf Birthday! by NovaJay13 <da:thumb id="575415136"/>  Ice Fox by NovaJay13

What helps fire when it's been burned out? by Unikeko  Merry christmas by Unikeko 

136 by Solutarou  HAPPY B-DAY, MARBLE! by Solutarou  Dad, I'm tired by Solutarou

Happy birthday Grypwolf by Helen-M123  Point Commission for KarneTia by Helen-M123  AT Tuhk the god of death by Helen-M123

<da:thumb id="578364740"/> <da:thumb id="577631904"/> <da:thumb id="549682262"/>

Gift: Caught In A Crossfire by Infectedwaters <da:thumb id="580158262"/>  Lil dog adopt 5: CLOSED by Infectedwaters

.:My fluffy tail:. by Angeliiu  .:Trick or Treat:. by Angeliiu  .:Free at last:. by Angeliiu

The Power Of Mist - GiftArt w/ Timelapse! by KizuNova  A storm inside my heart + WORKING VIDEO by KizuNova  Can you control the power? - Art Trade by KizuNova

why so sad? (gift) -Letta by letta-wolf  (comm) chibs badge by letta-wolf  steam request (ares) by letta-wolf


Narri by Aowna  B i r t h d a y  - g i f t: MAPLEH ( + SPEEDPAINT by Aowna  Naiowna by Aowna

I wil toss you oranges when you sleep  by Hocrea  Catch me if I fly by Hocrea  Fire equals sparks  by Hocrea

And then some I haven't commented yet, but which are just as love able as others:
Laughter sinks by AzorART <da:thumb id="578679301"/>  I don't know about this by Kokutan-Wolf 
Attack on Strawberry by YokoSnowy  Galloping Trio by MaraMastrullo  Frost Phantom by MaraMastrullo 
<da:thumb id="578549345"/> <da:thumb id="578534432"/>  Birthday gift for Grypwolf (+speedpaint) by She-WolfGuree  I Kill You!!! Happy Bithday Grypwolf! by Fantasmennlue

Anyways.... THANKS SO MUCH ;O; ( even if yours did not make it here)
I was tagged by :iconriskikoi: so might as well do it. Also to show that I am not dead.

1.) Real Name: Jonna Koskelo
2.) Nicknames: 
IRL: Aero, Gry, Jonsu
URL: Gry, Gryp, Grypäle, Mama-Gry, stupid things like that :heart:
3.) Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
4.) Male or Female:  I might have boob problem
5.) Nursery: ....yes?
6.) Primary School: LIFE. (I have entered in some school buildings too)
7.) Secondary School: first there was vocational school, now university of applied sciences
8.) Hair Color:  dyed black. Natural color... Dark blond hair. I think.
9.) Long or Short: Long on right, short on left.
10.) Loud or Quiet: I have no idea. I have been telling people I am quiet, but they keep coming back to me telling I'm everything else but quiet.
11.) Sweats or Jeans: sweats?
12. Phone or Camera: Phone
13.) Health Freak: Not really, no. I would lie if I tried telling I am.
14.) Drink or Smoke: Drinking occasionally. passive smoker hence most likely why I have so many health problems.
15.) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: quite wide concept.
16.) Political orientation: Let's just say that I do care. Too big of a thing to start talking about in this meme thing.
17.) Piercings: one golden earring on right ear
18.) Tattoos: nope

19.) Airplane: yes. twice 
20.) Car *Accident*: nope.
21.) Fist Fight: Ye I have. once. but mostly I am the person in between two using fists.

22.) First piercing: I got my earring when I was 16.
23.) First Best Friend: Ye I had someone. A boy named Janne. Sadly there is nothing between us anymore.
24.) First Instrument played: Recorder flute
25.) First award: I remember having stipend of some sort from school.
26.) First Crush: This is story about young girl and a boy who--*shot* Ye well my first crush was the same boy who was my best friend.
27.) First Language: Finnish.
28.) First Big Vacation: I was 6 when I, my lil bro, father and mother went to this huge trip (from my 6 year old perspective it was huge). We were basically traveling inside Finland for 3 weeks at summer, stopping at every amusement parks one after another. We had my moms best friends family with us. I remember that summer well. 

29.) Last Person you talked to: 
In person: My brother.
In a Skype call: Unikeko
In a text form: Riskikoi
in my mind: my stomach
30.) Last Person You Texted: My brother
31.) Last Person You Watched:  That same brother of mine.
32.) Last Food You Ate: Rye bread
32.) Last Movie You Watched: Harry Potter and goblet of fire
34.) Last Song You listened to: Lazy Rich - Better Wipe That Up (Revolvr Remix)
35.) Last Thing You Bought: Food.
36.) Last Person You Hugged: my pillow ( can't remember who I hugged last time)

37.) Food: MEAT. in every form. Especially Salmon and chicken. STRAWBERRIES are gods.
38.) Drinks: Coke. Coffee.
39.) Clothing: tank-tops, scarfs, comfy clothes, Hoodies, REISITASKUHOUSUT, LÖKÄPÖKSYT, I have no idea how those should be written in english pardon me.
40.) Book: Basically everything written by Robin Hobb. I do love Death Gate Cycle series too.
41.) Color: Turquoise, orange, .... black ( not a color but who cares)
42.) Flower: ugh.
43.) Music: I am really omnivorous about music. Almost everything from Country to Rock, including metals, j-rock, electronic music and soundtracks.
44.) Movie: I would say I have none. or too many.
46.) Subjects: Many things from silly stupid stuff to deep things people have on their mind. I am also fine if someone is trying to force their opinion on me as they get to see me ignore it. I can totally listen. it is not same thing as me believing everything or taking you seriously.

47.) [x] Kissed in the rain
48.) [] Celebrated Halloween.  
49.) [x] Had Your Heart Broken
50.) [x] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone
51.) [x] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation.
52.) [] Used a Weapon 
53.) [] Breathed fire  
54.) [] Had an Abortion. 
55.) [x] Done something you've Regretted  
56.) [x] Broke a Promise 
57.) [X] Kept a Secret 
58.) [x] Pretended To Be Happy 
59.) [X] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
60.) [] Pretended To Be Sick 
61.) [] Left The Country  
62.) [X] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
63.) [X] Cried Over The Silliest Thing 
64.) [] Ran a Mile 
65.) [] Went To the Beach
66.) [] Stayed Single 

67.) Eating: My nails
 68) Drinking:
I was drinking coffee before starting to answer this. now it is cold.....:o (Eek)
69.) Getting Ready To: Getting ready for taking another dose of painkillers
70.) Listening To: Rainmode - The Foghorn
71.) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Trying to get better from being sick because it matters.
72.) Waiting For: Christmas

73.) Want Kids: Not really.
74.) Want To Get Married: Nope
75.) Careers in minds: ------------

76.) Lips or Eyes:  Eyes
77.) Shorter or Taller:  no matter
78.) Romantic or Spontaneous: Romantically spontaneous I would say.
79.) Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: I don't really care about trivial stuff like this. If the arms are strong enough to hold me then I have no problem (you don't need much for that)
80.) Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive and loud about it???
81.) Hook-up Or Relationship: Relationship.
82.) Troublemaker or Hesitant: SO DIFFICULT QUESTIONS WTF. Troublemaker?????????????????????????????????????????

83.) Lost Glasses/Contacts: I don't wear either 
84.) Ran Away From Home: ye.
85.) Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: no
86.) Killed Somebody: of course I have ;D
87.) Broken Someone's Heart: Yes.
88.) Been Arrested: nope.

90.) Yourself:  I have to.
91.) Miracles: I do.
92.) Love at First Sight: Yes. Not that it has happened to me.
93.) Heaven: Afterlife? yes. maybe. heaven? nah.
94.) Santa Claus: No.
96.) Magic: "I don't know about believing but I really wish there was something mysterious and magical in this world, out of the norms we're used to." As Riskikoi said.

97.) Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: There is.
98.) Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: No. Could be better, but I don't think my life is a total shit hole.
99.) Are You Happy With The Person You're With:
at the moment? yes.
Tomorrow? we will see.

100.) Post as 100 Truths and Tag five People:

:iconaoiameku: :iconkirasdarklight: :iconshwonky: :iconsirkoday: :icontraediras:
💕 Sorry all lovely English speaking folk, this journal is only for my Finnish watchers 💕

Viikko sitten starttasi impalaen ja Kipinen ylläpitämä piirrustuskilpailu - Hahmoista Rakkain.

Kyseessä siis puhtaasti roolipelauksen maailmaan sijoittuva ystävämielinen piirrustuskilpa rakkaan hahmon muistelemisesta ja sen tarinan kertomisesta koko suomalaisen roolipelaus kansan kuultavaksi ja nähtäväksi. Suomessa nettiroolipelaaminen, on ollut hyvin suosittu harrastus yhä nousevassa määrin viimeisen 20 vuoden ajan. Se on itsessään hyvin pitkä aika, siksipä voisi olettaa että teillä ja meillä kaikilla olisi kerrottavana tarinoita hahmostamme, sillä loppujen lopuksi nehän eivät ole vain hahmoja. Olet itse kehittänyt ne ja elänyt niiden elämän siinä missä nekin ovat eläneet omansa kauttasi. Ne ovat olleet myös silta uusiin tuttavuuksiin ystävyys-siteiden luontiin ja ne ovat auttaneet kehittämään sekä sosiaalisia että teknisiä, piirtämiseen ja kirjoittamiseen liittyviä taitoja ja auttavat ylläpitämään mielikuvitusta. 

"Piirrä sinulle rakkain, ikimuistoisin tai vaikkapa ensimmäinen nettirope-hahmosi. Tärkeintä on että sinä haluat kertoa hahmosi tarinan meille. Piirtämistyyli on vapaa, eikä kuvan tarvitse välttämättä olla sidoksissa hahmon roolipeliin. Myöskään sillä ei ole väliä, mistä roolipelistä hahmo on, kunhan hahmo on julkisesta, suomenkielisestä internetroolipelistä."

Jos kiinnostuit klikkaa ihmeessä itsesi kilpailun viralliseen journaliin ja lue lisää kilpailun vaatimuksista, säännöistä ja tietenkin palkinnoista!
Toimin itse Impalaen ja Kipinen rinnalla tuomarina ja palkinnon jakajana enkä malta odottaa mitä kaikkea saatte aikaiseksi! n_n ♥

EDIT: Ja haluan painottaa tosiaan ettei kyseessä ole pelkästään KOIRAROOLIPELI KILPA. Kaikki roolipelit, oli ne hevosiin, ihmisiin, koiriin, kissoihin tai vaikka marsuihin liittyvä ( you name it) on laskettavissa mukaan.  "...kunhan hahmo on julkisesta, suomenkielisestä internetroolipelistä."

Just click the image and buy it if you want. but please some of the rules remain still.

I will be editing in this post so ton't be alarmed when you see it in your inbox if you see.

Teeny Tiny Crystal Nonsense! Teeny Tiny Crystal Nonsense! READ THESE RULES BEFORE COMMENTING!!Teeny Tiny Crystal Nonsense! Teeny Tiny Crystal Nonsense! 

>> And obviously you can change their breed and colors and genes when and how ever you want. :'D
>> Do not exalt these babies if not mentioned other vice thought (just a personal request).

>> If you have really mighty need to get rid of them and exalt - let them grow up, name them, and let them have their own kids first!

AH = Auction house

The Auction House is a trading location in Flight Rising that allows players to trade items and dragons indirectly. 
The Auction House is one of the few places in the game where players can acquire gems without paying real-world money for them.

CR = Crossroads

The Crossroads is a place for players to directly transfer dragons to each other for treasure, gems, or another dragon. Unlike the Auction House, there is no transaction fee taken from any treasure you get from the crossroads.




15,000 Treasures in AH

20,000 Treasures in AH

100,000 Treasures in AH

15,000 Treasures in AH

15,000 Treasures in AH

15,000 Treasures in AH

15,000 Treasures in AH

15,000 Treasures in AH

15,000 Treasures in AH

15,000 Treasures in AH

15,000 Treasures in AH

15,000 Treasures in AH

20,000 Treasures in AH

15,000 Treasures in AH


30,000 Treasures in AH

40,000 Treasures in AH

40,000 Treasures in AH

17,000 Treasures in AH

17,000 Treasures in AH

17,000 Treasures in AH


These people have payed me to advertise their dragons!
I accept, 
  • Treasure (20,000 treasures minimum) 
  • Gems (10 gems minimum)
  • Food (stacks of 99 food items with over 4 food points only!)
  • battle items
  • I will also take holiday items as payment if there is festival on! 

13,000 Treasures in AH

"... While You’re Busy Making Other Plans" Says John Lennon and I find it true.
So yep, HELLO PEOPLE! I have been living low profile a while here and in everywhere on internet. The thing is: LIFE happened. My computer broke, which - thanks to so many of you willing to help me - I was able to fix and now it is working and running better than ever. Gotta have a streaming session celebrating that and finish some small promised art for people. (I haven't forgotten my to do list and last two emergency commissions I own to impalae and Janttuman)

Ah... And next some personal muttering about personal matters because why not. I am sure it won't hurt to tell, even if I have tried not to bleed my mind here.

This summer as well as the spring/winter before that hasn't been kind to me. I experienced what it really is to have burnout which lead to moderate depressive episode in my life, and I am still healing from that which is hard to admit. Within three years there has been already lifetime amount of visits to the hospital, all for different reasons. But this just adds to already huge pile of visits. Did I have a slightest idea how much working yourself too hard on too many fields at the same time can affect you, I 'd never ever had harassed myself the way I did. Because in the end all I got as a result was wrecked mind, panic attacks, anxiety, stress which are affecting me physically, not only mentally and most of all the feeling that I just can't do this. Huge drop on self confidence.

The problem is, I still have to do all those things I assigned myself for before that meltdown. School, Oulu Game lab / Pandemic era, Commissions.... and I I can just wonder, how on earth am I going to do that? Many have told me to drop something. Anything, that I could be able to start a new, but the question is, if I am able to swallow my pride and admit that I will have to drop myself off of something? Mere thinking of it is making me mad at myself, which obviously won't lead anywhere.
I am still yet to find answer and I am just spinning around in darkness, stumbling about and trying to find the way out. Most likely I will not be as active here as I used to, or that is what would be wise thing to do. Lets see what happens, but sure I will repeat what I have told in other journals before:
DO NOT panic if I don't reply you right away. I will try, but I won't let my self stress about it. Same with fanart. I love every single one of them and I will see to them but only on my own time. ;; O ;;

If I have to say something good about what happened, it is that I have learned so much about myself. Most of it is not pretty. But I am still glad that it happened, if it is not too weird to say so.

ANYWAY, something good happened too! Thanks to :iconkirasdarklight: I was able to get into the Art role play games! Some of you may have already noticed that I have a side account for those things, but for those who don't it is :icongryadventures:!

    We are the children of the sun - Tribute to Daius by GryAdventures  Only moon knows || Tribute to Nokt by GryAdventures  will o the wisps || Takka by GryAdventures  Shitbird - FINAL VERSION by GryAdventures
I really love it, and I have been able to keep my mind off of things that hurt while making art of silly birds. :heart: 

so ye. This is what I have had on my mind lately. Next I think I will post last of those commissions I made to fund new parts to my computer!
So. My computer broke down today... very suddenly. This means all my work, all my previous commissions in making, trades, gifts, school work, work for Pandemic Era - everything are out of reach atm. Luckily I am quite sure it is not the hard drive that failed, but more like motherboard or power supply - or both. which one it is, I can be sure of maybe tomorrow - At the moment I am writing this journal from my parents computer, and I have no way of using this 24/7 but they gave me permission to use it just this one time to gain some money to get that/ those new components.

This MEANS I will be taking 3 commissions that I plan on completing quickly and so there will be few restrictions for the commissions.

EDIT 23.4.2015

Okay so now I was able to pinpoint the reason for broke down. Motherboard. :) I am in need of new case too because it seems that my previous one (as it was broken when I got it) somehow lend through static electricity which may indeed be the reason of broken component. Anyhow. As it pisses me off, I am at the same time really happy that I know now what went down and what I need to buy.

Thanks so much for all the people who commissioned me already and those who are willing still. I have already done 3 first ones. 

♥ How to commission me? ♥

COMMENT ON THIS JOURNAL! I will take 3 first and i will confirm this by replying to your comment! Maybe I will take more if it is needed but only after these 3 are done.

after getting my reply, send me note here and fill in following information:
‣ Your username in here, weasyl, FurAffinity, Tumblr, etc (you have right to stay anonymous tho, so I won't upload this art anywhere)
‣ which one of those commissions above you would prefer? Cellshaded with clean lineart or painted?
‣ CLEAN and clear image and/or description of your character
‣ Your email address

♥ sketch 15€ 
(I will include previews later)
♥ Fullbody commissions | simple background or no background at all 15€/hour
which will be about 5 - 8 hours / character in any case.
Silkki by Grypwolf  Speedy Tank by Grypwolf  Hiekka hauta by Grypwolf

♥ Bust commissions | simple background or no background at all 60€
don't go wasting your stars mr.dragon by Grypwolf  Assuring it is tasty by Grypwolf  Wild valentine by Grypwolf  Gimme a kiss by Grypwolf  Detest me, sweetheart by Grypwolf

♥ What you get: ♥
‣ The sketches of commissions are rough but I will always include somekind of color planing on it.
see examples of commission sketches here:
>> <<
‣ A high-res, printable file! 
‣ A web-size version
‣ The right to use it for whatever personal use you want (note! personal use only!)! Avatars, Icons, Profile pics, wallpapers, you name it. And print as many copies as you want for you and your friends.

 ♥ What about payment? ♥ 
‣ I will send you invoice to your email so you can choose to pay it with Paypal or credit/debit card
‣ I prefer euros over dollars.

Ah anyhow... Thanks so much if you are willing to help me :( <3 so sorry everyone for this. I had no idea that it would happen now and this time around but so they say that accident wont come with bell on its neck... or something xD
Now I will go to sauna and maybe fix something about this journal afterwards.

If you have any questions I will try to answer them with my best ability as soon as I have a change.

How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Soon full 10 years!

What does your username mean?

Grypwolf came to be because I loved griffons but I mostly drew canines. That time I was playing alot of forum based RPG's of wolves. The name have stayed the same and I think it will stay that way. U_U Can't think of any other name anyway.

Describe yourself in three words.

Confused perverted bone

Are you left or right handed?

Right. but I can draw with my left hand.


What was your first deviation?

it seems this is not THE MOST FIRST but i don't have that image anymore :/ this is the oldest tho.

What is your favourite type of art to create?

Cellshading has been my favorite way to go, but it is not that I don't love painting. The actual method of drawing don't matter, but I most enjoy to make art where something happens and you can see the interaction of the characters somehow. When someone says they can clearly see the story behind the image, Then I know I have done good. I am a big_***_special effects_hoe and so I have to usually hold myself back when making something so that it won't get too overboard.

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

minimalism in works, simple brush strokes and simple lineart that can still bring clear anatomy and bring out form in digital and traditional art. Not that I don't like complex stuff no but I just love works like these.:
Klepoth by Hakaishi  Swallow by Berneri  Verem by Dusty-Demon
HNGH like THIS STYLE IS SO HARD. respect. period.

What was your first favourite?

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

STOP ASKING HARD QUESTIONS THANK YOU. >8( Mostly OC art. I may have times when I find anime,Game,movie art that inspires me but it is mostly peoples characters here that have my heart 
centauri by len-yan  Dark Moon by Sephiroth-Art  Sketch - A Dance by shilin  Orbis De Ignis by CanisAlbus <da:thumb id="545009888"/>  Cursed by Kipine
[AA] - Resplandor nocturno - Captura- by dNiseb  Deizarr's rise by azzai  World's End by sheppardarts   Bartolomeo!!! by r-trigger  cake conglomerate by faios 

<da:thumb id="526176317"/>  grem2 by Kel-Del Thank You by Valentina-Remenar  Black Swan by Valentina-Remenar  Within by Riskikoi

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

Ahhhah this fucking question I hate it. I HAVE TOO MANY OF THESE then again, if I have to say ONE it would be
still believe me.... I would be sitting here whole day trying to remember everyone whose art scratches me from right places.

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Same person as above butyet again I have so many people I would like to see here. ;; 3 ;; my friends included.

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

I have found Friends, I have found love and I have found sadness. So many dif stories to fill my memories with. 
I have been growing as a person, as a human and as a friend so indeed many deviants have had a big part in my life.

What are your preferred tools to create art?

My wacom intuos 4 and Paint tool SAI - or watercolors in traditional.

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

EH.... My home. and my desk. my nest 8( where ever there is salt sticks or coffee and strawberries.

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

oh no way I am going to tell you that! ;) 

sweet jesus I am afraid to go in my inbox because there are so many mentions there. I saw 3 digits and was like NOPE! o.o'
Not going to write any book long analysis about it because this matter won't need such thing.
I have just seen so many people leaving DA lately and even bigger amount of people whining because of that.

"oh no please don't leave yhyy noooo" kind of whining will put unnecessary stress on artist - obviously. You don't wanna do that to artist you admire. As simple as that.
You can go and follow the artist where ever they go tho and follow them there if it is so important! 
if it happens they are leaving internet for good ( rare), they usually do have a good reason for that.

:heart: Thanks so much for reading honeys :heart:

ps: I maybe wrong, maybe there are people who wanna hear something like that from their watchers, still haven't come across person like that tho. 

Just stop doing what you do.

Before you go defending my "style", characters, names, and art in general from so called thieves, tracers and trolls, let me have a say in it - note me.
:) <-- my angry face. take it seriously.

If you do not know what I mean by "white knight" - please, see journal below by witchpaws
<da:thumb id="471180916"/> 

ps. If you think I used wrong term here about people hating on others when they think they did wrong even if they necessarily did not - please say so - and tell what you would call a person like that instead. thank you.
I will just drop this here....
a small feature journal for "Attitude is everything" by :iconikirouta-fox:.

<da:thumb id="537410884"/>.<da:thumb id="537411077"/>.<da:thumb id="537411265"/>

I think it has great message. True - world can be unfair, but it is not there specifically to destroy anyone. This might not reach everyone but I truly hope it does go through for some.

Saiccu is in serious need of money. She has commissions and adoptable open!
<da:thumb id="531340657"/>

Adoption auction [CLOSED] by Saiccu

Ghentian Has also her commissions open! She is also having art raffle.
Commissions - CLOSEDEDIT// Commissions are closed for now. Thank you everyone who were interested/bought one <3
My family's financial situation isn't the best at the moment and I'm in need of money. So, my commissions are now open! ^^

Full body with full background 41+€  (price depending on the character's complexity, you can note me and ask more information about the price!)

Headshot/bust 25+€ (again, price depending on the character's complexity)

In both type of commissions a extra character is 10€+ to the price!
When you commission me:
-You'll get a full file of the image (about 5000px)
-You can use the commissioned image where

Junowski is also one hell of a talented artist asking commissions. Please do help her a bit ;D
Commissions info - CLOSED by Junowski

I will have these three for now but there definitely are other great artists in need of help also. U_U :heart:
feel free to advertise your commissions here in comments if you want. ~
Nothing too serious no. Mostly I am surprised that I have to actually do this journal o.o I never thought it was needed. 

I just want to let you know, that it is not that I don't like them or see them if I don't instantly reply to them, when they appear in my inbox/mentions. it can take me from 2 days - 2 weeks to reply on fanart. mostly because usually I have notes, comments and IRL life things more urgent . Sometimes ( mostly on weekend) I truly have time to sit back and form a comment on every single lovely thing I have got. Let me underline - I wanna comment on every single one of them. I don't add them in my favorites before I have commented them because in that case I could forget to comment and that is one of my personal fears.

So please do understand.

I see them in my mentions. I love all of them. You don't need to panic and send me notes or comments about "have You seen this already" / "I dunno if you noticed but I made you this". ;; O ;;
Just again one of my personal requests. And I would not write about this if it wasn't forming a stress on me. > O < 
also of course I can't wait everyone to see this journal right away but now that it is, I can maybe link it in FAQ.

Thanks for reading and thanks for understanding!

ps. what do you people think about persons that come and say: 
"Oh wow you really got a lot of fanart. I will never get so far as you and no one will ever draw me anything?"
WHAT would be your response?

All of the comments I have got so far here, have been really a pleasure to read. And I especially love the personal way of everyone taking it. 
Thanks for your opinion everyone! :heart:
I finally got to think that this is needed. seriously.

This is the journal where I allow you guys to remind me if I have something undone or if I have forgotten something. I am really easily distracted and forgetful person and so I think this is important. This is NOT a place to contact me if you want to commission me or trade with me. Also please people check if I am even open for any of those before asking!

Let me emphasize that if you for reason or another don't want to be in list, please let me know.
For example if you are not interested on trade or commission anymore. U_U
I will not delete this journal, don't know why that had to be told but anyhow xD

ACTUAL LIST IN (hopefully priority) ORDER:

- Timelapse of kiriban artwork of 1 million for WildPhoenixWolf // ON HOLD BECAUSE THE PROGRAM WAS DELETED. Trying to find solution!
- Make Timelapse out of KirasDarkLight's Commission. //  ON HOLD BECAUSE THE PROGRAM WAS DELETED. Trying to find solution!
- Finish Cellshade Commission for  KirasDarkLight // Done
Painting Commission for WhereRosesGrowWild // Done
- Commission for kohu-arts // BG painting
- Frist place price for King-Chimera from Akarion contest! // Sketched
- Commission for Mutabi // not started 
- Commission for Virren// Not started 
- Commission for Seiska (??? okay so I had your old account there on my commission lists so are you still intrested ???) // Not started 
- Commission for Amon in Flight Rising (project) // not started
- Commission for Naxther
- START GLITCH | Remind Riskikoi about it now and then.
- Art trade part for Hakaishi // Not started 
Art trade part for FeurigenSatan // Done 
- Art trade part for dNiseb (?) // Not started 
- work on Collab with Riskikoi // Riskikoi making lineart
- Make Reference sheets for Fuzen, Doggie, Dannsey, Ember, Pakkanen, RaoulSphinx

And so this is so far things I need to do in between making illustrations for Pandemic Era.</strike>