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Tell me, command me - FFIX

By Grypwolf
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CD  ~ Amaranthe - dynamite (mostly because I was listening the album basically nonstop while painting this)
:happybounce: FINAL FANTASY FANART! AAAAA!:happybounce: 

No really. Favorite game needs love. THIS game needs some more love anyway! It has been too long since I last time drew anything based on it, let alone any trance art. It was hard as hell to make but I still had fun. This was actually ready yesterday but i wanted to drink 2 cups of coffee while playing with effects for 3 hours. :3 I feel like a child.

So much piiiiiiiiiink and furrrrrrrr.

(omfg thanks for mentioning me in DeviantArtist Questionnaire, people! I can't really tell you how I am amazed and happy I am and sjkdnbfhjbdhjbf ---- Ye I will button smash my feeling again when ever it is needed. Thanks! :heart:)
The promise has been made by Grypwolf FF IX - Just an empty vessel by Grypwolf FF IX - Zest For Life by Grypwolf Master Gizamaluke - FFIX by Grypwolf

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Art © Grypwolf 2015
Zidane Tribal and Final Fantasy 9©squaresoft/squareEnix
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When I was little, this was the third fandom I ever became obsessed with. This art was my gmail background for a long time, and I've always loved it. My favorite Final Fantasy image ever. :nod: And it's still amazing, even now that I'm obsessed with Mega Man instead.

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Woah... Cool! This is amazing!Mind blown emoji

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Veeeery lovely, found new wallpaper!
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*nosebleed ensues* D:

eeeee! x3
This looks so amazing and badass! :3

Amazing work!

*fellow finnish?* :3
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Hahhah suomalaisia ollaan joo!

ja FF9 on mun ehdoton suosikki koko sarjasta o/ tällä hetkellä oon koukussa tosin FF14:sta.
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Juu, pelaan kans FF14sta, pitäis mennä viimeistelemään 5.0 MSQ jne! D:

FF9 oli eka FF jonka omistin + läpäisin joten se aina tulee olemaan suosikki FF. :3

*psst* sori tosi myöhäsestä vastauksesta ;w;
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he look good looking! :love: :heart:
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Dude. SICK! Ive never seen anyone draw Zidane's trance! I seriously love this. Excellent job!
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My favourite game ever. Remembers me about my childhood...

I have seen many FFIX fanart, some are very good, few are wonderful, this is unique.

Also I really liked the description you wrote for it.
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:wow: Bloody hell!!!
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Now this is beautiful, since it's your favorite game do a version of Vivi and the others! :D
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You make him look like super saiyan x it's awesome La la la la nice work as always Clap 
I really want to see you drawing zidane & garnet in one piece it's will be great ^_^
And finally after long long time i can play my favorite game of all time on pc .…

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I have had emulator versions of it but damn that looks so refined and cool ;O; have to get that version when I have change. 
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This is amazing! FINAL FANTASY 9 PC PORT HYPE! You should totally make a Trance picture for everyone, especially Vivi and Quina =D
Anyways, keep up the great work! Loved the effects on Zidane!
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Yay! fellow ff9 lover ;O;

I would love to make trances for everyone. Amarant I one who I would really look forward for to draw!
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Wooo! FF9 is completely underrated and deserves so much more attention. We FF9 lovers must stick together =)

I forgot how awesome Amarant looked while in his trance! That will definitely be epic once you've drawn him! I will keep an eye on your posts!
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Zidane looks awesome, especially during trance!Clap 
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this is awesome. I love it!! :heart:
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This is so fucking badass it tingles my nostalgia.  (And it's precisely why I love trance in 9, it's basically super saiyan.) I hope you do the rest of the characters! Would love to see Amarant and Steiner's specifically!
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Hngh Amarant <3 Steiner is also such a badass BUT HOLY DAMN THAT ARMOR.
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Reminds me of world of Warcraft
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