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July 5, 2011
Suggester's words: There are lots of tutorials on how to color, sketch or realize a drawing but among the few that show how to shade depending from the different light sources, Shading tutorial by *Grypwolf is really the best. It has a clear and simple language that anyone can understand, even those who are not too familiar with the terms of graphic software!
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Shading tutorial


never again!

I hate working with tutorials althought I LOVE helping people, so NO I don't have any problems at all xD
Its story about "how Grypwolf does shading". enjoy..... if you can. ( and sorry about traumatic english I used there xD)

and I almost forgot! This shading style works in photoshops of all kind and with Paint Tool Sai. Don't know about paintshop pro or Paint thought....

I worked with this tutorial while drawing this picture:

art (c) :icongrypwolf:
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ShadowFox1412's avatar
just found your tutorial im curious mainly about the selection tools mine never seems to work the ways ive seen ohers manage to do it but anyway always been curious about cell shading as well and this actually really cleared things up so thank you
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That's good but can you try the other way.

Like getting a life? :)

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BlixOwh's avatar
He he this is the 500th comment...
I hate myself,
But your tutorial is really nice
laracoa's avatar
Wow, this is awesome! Really helpfull! The DD is well deserved.
Thank you very much!
PinixTheRaoGuard's avatar
Wow, it helped me! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
SpiritWolf456's avatar
Thank you for this! This will help me improve ^^
CoasterOnCrack's avatar
but what's with the colour of the light does that makes the shading different do it ??
SnowyKuda's avatar
I just now saw this

I'm feeling highly motivated to try this cell shading thing.
I feel that I need to work on my lineart a bit (or maybe a LOT) before I get into it, though ;v;
Keimi9103's avatar
Reaaaaally really thank you. I s*cks in shading ç_ç
FlusswindTheCat's avatar
This is the best shading-tutorial i found on seriously this tutorial is great ^^
nala44's avatar
thx for da tutorial it was vary helpful ^^ 
xBlueTail's avatar
xBlueTail's avatar
What type of sai do you use? I have SAI but it doesn't look like that and It won't let me change the size of the brush so I just have to go with what it gives me. do you have any advice that might help me use the program better? thank you for your time
kuroshin on icon 
Grypwolf's avatar
This is old tutorial made back in the days when I still used Photoshop. 8(
xBlueTail's avatar
what program do you use now?
Grypwolf's avatar
I use now Paint tool sai. Sadly I don't have any reall detailed tutorial about the program. There are many around the internet tho. if you search you will be able to find one <3
Pix-Dewi's avatar
It's a great and beautiful tutorial, thanks for it.

your art style is amazing!!!

:) (Smile) Clap 
charlymd's avatar
Thats gonna be tough, I don't have pant tool sai or photo shops!
Lilythekitsune's avatar
There's, GIMP, and Firealpaca, among thousands of other free programs that do similar things to Photoshop :)
charlymd's avatar
Truth is I share a computer and cant download anything
Lilythekitsune's avatar
If you have a scanner, you can use MS Paint (silly I know) so do something similar in terms of shading.  That's how I got my start before I got a tablet.  Even if you do have a tablet, the steps are similar, expect you can't use layers, you just gotta be careful.

Or, if possible, ask for permission to download a program, there are dozens of free (and virus-free) ones out there that are trustworthy.
charlymd's avatar
Oh, ok, i'll have to see
FalloutBambi's avatar
OH.MY.GOD You have no Idea how much this helps me, i LOVE Chellshading *big Manga Nerd * And i was trying to get the hang on it for so long but never could quite understand how to place the layers, opacity etc. 
Your Tutorial is gold i tried it and on the first try the Shading looked decent I am a dummy! :happybounce:   

Used it for this…

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