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Kuja Leaving Burmecia

By Grypwolf
Fullview for details please!

Again some Final fantasy Fanart! 8D
When :icontwilightmagician: drew his fantastic fanart for Kuja I'd realise I haven't done any Kuja art myself! I had to took pen in my hand and start to drew but ARGGH! I hate this because it is so lame and such.... No can do. I suck so badly drawing humans(monkeys).
Noticed I tried something more different shading style this time? 8DD

I drew this more or less by heart so there can be ....a few mistakes in both of them.
Theme's of Kuja:
Listen ---> [link] [link]

Final Fantasy IX(9) is first FF game I've ever played and one and only I seriously love.

Photoshop CS3 - 10 hours
Kuja and SilverDragon by Squaresoft/enix Art by :icongrypwolf:
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Whoa this is amazing
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oooooohhhh wet kujie X3
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Wowie! Me love! ^^
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I'm glad you like it.
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you're very welcome ^^
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Please insert disc 2.
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XD Just thought I'd put that here.
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One of the best Kuja fan arts I've ever seen. Amazing! I love the ominous expressions. :D
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How did I not notice this sooner

This is fantastic!! I absolutely love it!! :love: I don't see much art of Kuja or his dragon, sadly. :(
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In Moment i play the newest Version from FF who exist. Thats shame because theres no epic Creatures like that dragon O.O Great work
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Thats why I don't like new FF's at all :/ BUt good luck playing that thing :) and thanks for comment ^^
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Thank you i'll need it :/
youre welcome
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This is soo :crying:
Just amazing, great, awesome. This isn`t topedful.
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'Tis a wonderful piece of art~ I truly enjoy how you drew Silver <3

(( OOC no really, I LOVE THIS XD ))
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I like that part, and love that Kuja and silver dragon :heart:
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