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One of the many sketches I made today while waiting for dungeon to reset in Riders of Icarus. (if you are playing on european servers, come say hi!) I am happy with how it came out u3u
And just because I know people might wonder what setting I am using for brush ( you have to search for the texture yourself tho)(:
>>>> Brushsettings <<<<

And thus I say good night ~

Okami - Amaterasu's Revival by Grypwolf Okami - Sun Within.... by Grypwolf Okami - RISE ans SHINE by Grypwolf

Okami © Clover studios
Art © Grypwolf 2016 
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Amaterasu is from the show Naruto!!
I just found out about this word and about what it means :D !!!!!!!

Also,awesome work!!!! :heart:
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This game seriously never gets old.
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I love how it all flows so well together!
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Beautiful! :heart: 
Love the colours they're so calm yet powerful
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Beautiful! *w* I love this draw, amazing!
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Ahh Amaterasu looks amazing in your style!! Love it *O* :heart:
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Ooh, this is a lovely sketch. :)
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Oooooh I've truly missed your Okami artwork. So simple, yet flawlessly unique and stylized. Gorgeous work as always :heart:
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