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"I'm gonna work on my new armour Gryphdrake, so please don't ruin it, because I've used a lot of your preened feather". As gryphdrakes owner gets to work on the armour design. "Chirp chirp" as he wants to play with it. "No don't pull on it" Chirp" go and play with the other toys I made you" As gryphdrakes runs off to play with his hand made toys that his owner made from him.
Several hours later
"Hey bud, I'm honing to get some food from the market, so behave and don't touch my work" Chirp-chirp" as he walks out the door and locks up. Meanwhile Gryphdrake plays around the home with the toys, throwing them, tearing bit from the toys, jumping on tables and counters (knocking stuff off, breaking a few pots). Before then he saw that his owner left the door open to the work area and he thought about having a look inside and to check out the work that his owner is doing to those of his old feathers. Gryphdrake looks through the door and sees it laying on a table with tools in different shape
:icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 3 6
My characters world would have different settlement of the race that built them
Woods of ancient.
Very details structures of Elven architect
Unknown settlements - but a few races have seen them
Dark elves
Dark woods of ancient
Unknown settlements
High stone made structures. Near or in the mountains
Very details stone carved structures made from very good designers of the dwarfs and fine made statues, Fortress/ castle, towns/ cites, villages
Basic structures.
Basic stone, wood, tiles of structure from castles, towns/ cities, villages and farms
Anthro- species
Nearly the same as humans
Dirt, wood, plantation shelters
Small settlement of tribes and villages
Ruins - any of them
Destroyed or abandoned structures
:icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 3 0
Dragons and wyverns
Dragons and wyverns
Will be part of my characters universe where either tamed or wild.
Dragons (six limbs from four legs and two sets of wings)
Wyverns (four limbs from two legs and two sets of wings)
The Wild or feral dragons or wyverns are on the dangerous side which include that can cause damage to small villages and take livestock. They would be very dangerous to travellers and cart tradesmen.
Tamed dragons or wyverns are breaded when most humans stolen the eggs from their parents and which the young are treated as pets and even for wars, where the soldiers ride on them.
Lore and history
All dragons and wyverns are carnivores that tamed needs a lot of meat to be fed.
Young-ling needs around 200 cattle a year, a dozen of chickens or ducks and 500 sheep.
If the owner has a tamed young-ling, that they need a fire proof house and always kept away from other small pets and children.
Dragons have the ability to speak in their own dragon tongue and could able to speak in the human languag
:icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 4 5
From the Scottish folklore that I've heard that a creature was called a kelpie. Basically that a kelpie is a horse that lives by the water and any unweary victims comes to contact with it, like having a ride on its back that the kelpie will be dragging them into the water and change form.
So I've have that creature idea for awhile since I thought it would be a good one for the dangerous type creature for my characters universe :)
:icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 2 0
Naga species
Nagas on my characters universe will include from three species
Black Mamba
Burmese Python
Rock Python
Ball Python
Reticulated Python
I didn't want to add any more venomous snakes since I'm not a big fan of them, I included one venomous and probably two two constrictors. If I find more constrictors snakes, then they will be added.
Plus, Six of them are on dangerous native side and I'm doing some research about the anatomy and the digestive system so I will added more info on them soon :)
:icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 2 10
My first pumpkin (Happy Halloween) by Gryphondrake7991 My first pumpkin (Happy Halloween) :icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 5 10 Gryphondrake Id cover (WIP) by Gryphondrake7991 Gryphondrake Id cover (WIP) :icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 8 15 Cute birb (MHW) by Gryphondrake7991 Cute birb (MHW) :icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 3 6
Late night sleep
"Agh, I'm so tired" Gryphdrake complains "but you have been hunting for deer for awhile now and had them to eat, Gryphdrake" his owner says. "Yeah I've been chasing them for hours trying to catch some but only got a few" Gryphdrake says. Well I was busy researching on my scrolls trying to find clues".
"Well then...I'm going to bed and have a nap for the night" Gryphdrake says kindly to his owner. That's good idea, I'm gonna place a sign on your sleeping area so no one ends up in you gut if they disturb your sleeping". Kindly to Gryphdrake.
Later they reached a stable for dragons and gryphons. Aligrph let Gryphdrake lay down for a rest "oh before you go, could you leave the window divider half open, I just love the cool breeze coming in". Gryphdrakes owner does his command for pleasure. "So bud, I'm gonna stay at the tavern that is not far from here" well I'm gonna have a nap so good night" as Gryphdrake chirps happily.
"Tomorrow morning, I'm going to get you some breakfast and buy supp
:icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 5 5
My precious gifts by Gryphondrake7991 My precious gifts :icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 4 11 21st birthday gifts by Gryphondrake7991 21st birthday gifts :icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 1 0 Carnotaurus sketch (practice) by Gryphondrake7991 Carnotaurus sketch (practice) :icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 6 0 Tyrannosaurus sketch (practice) by Gryphondrake7991 Tyrannosaurus sketch (practice) :icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 5 0 T-Shirt (tawny owls) by Gryphondrake7991 T-Shirt (tawny owls) :icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 5 7 Gryphondrake sketches by Gryphondrake7991 Gryphondrake sketches :icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 4 13 Carnosaur (sketch) by Gryphondrake7991 Carnosaur (sketch) :icongryphondrake7991:Gryphondrake7991 7 28

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I'm back to college now, so most of my stuff will be slow again and I've felt very awkward for the past few days now, since I went to a party on Saturday night with my family. where I had a sandwich that tasted very bland in which my gut has the feels every time. which is not very comforting.
I'm Xbox one MHW gaming mood now, but I completed the sapphira star mission with extra help. And now I will still play the game and take some photo shots for reference :)
From my course right now that I've been using a software that is called premier pro and basically its a video editing programme that I would use to edit my videos before putting them on YouTube :)
Ah heck, I've got a cold and can't sleep very well while my nose keeps getting blocked and my coughing is just annoying. But I'm taking meds and having warms drinks to help it.
My left arm is freaking dead for the time, since I have been lifting tables and chairs at late night party



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My top plans for this year would be.
1. Get my sketches done
2. Keep of my gaming comfort zone
3. Push myself forward
4. Save money
5. Don't get bored or lazy
6. Look out for references for my sketches
7. Gym
8. Eat healthy
9. Go out more
10. PMA
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Nathan Joyce
United Kingdom
Hi my name is Gryphondrake.
I'm interested in dragons, Gryphons, Pokemon, wildlife and others.
I can draw onto my sketch book but it only takes time. Some point I'll be using my new tablet when I get a PC
RLF are :iconcuddlycooper: :icongeneral-skull:…
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