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martial arts taekwondo

I created this image because I am very connected with martial arts and I wanted to create something with that associated.

All comments are welcome :)

a picture from this link:
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Not to be rude but.. that stance has absolutly nothing to do with Taekwondo.
The design is nice though, but it's quite missleading.
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You're absolutely right and I'm not sure if yin yang symbol also have to do with taekwondo ;)
But this picture was created in my mind when I saw a photo from link.
When I almost finished I think that will be better if i put inscription. Becouse I train taekwondo that was first thought to honorable this martial art.

if I offend anyone I apologize ;)
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Taekwondo (korea) does have something similair to the yin yang symbol. It's blue and red without dots, and slighty turned.
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Pretty Cool))) I really like it)
Are you studying taekwondo?
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yes, I train taekwondo ITF for some time.

Since when I was a kid I was fascinated by movies, games with martial arts
and when the opportunity came up I started to train :ninja:
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I train in taekwondo WTF.
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