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The Miseducation of Lavinia Llwynog: Chapter XX
One of the problems that Vinnie had was when she made a decision, but could not think of the proper words to express it.  She had played out the scenario countless times in her head.  She would meet with Sebastian in Professor McGonagall’s office.  She wouldn’t be alone, of course.  Professor McGonagall would be there and so would Professor Severus Snape.  Sebastian would be seated to the right of Professor McGonagall’s desk, as he had been when she had first met him.  She would stride towards him with purposeful, measured steps.  He would rise from his chair, and say:
“Well, then Vinnie, my girl, what shall it be?”
Everything ground to a halt.  She could not find the right words and she was angry at herself for failing.  It wasn’t as if she hadn’t already made up her mind, or did not have enough time to think it over.  She was simply stuck.
“I’ll just have to trust my instincts and
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The Miseducation of Lavinia Llwynog: ChapterXIX
“Enter.”  Evelyn did not bother looking up when she heard the knock on her door.  She continued writing when Sebastian walked in, not bothering to look up until she finished writing the last sentence of the paragraph.  She capped her gold pen and stood up.
“No need to be so formal, Evelyn!  This is your office, but I’m not a student who’s here for detention!” Sebastian laughed.
“Formality has its place, Sebastian.  My office is my workplace.  Even family and friends respect that.”  Evelyn responded evenly.
“Of course,” Sebastian remarked with a bemused smirk.  He lightly slapped the leather gloves that he was holding in his left hand against his right palm as he took in the pictures, bookshelves and other objects.
“Wonderful spot that you have here, Evelyn!  It’s elegant and feminine, but not at all twee.  Scholarly, but not stuffy.  You were quit
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Severus stared at the whirling spirals streaming from the cauldron near Professor Slughorn’s desk.  Amortentia.  His mother had never brewed it in front of him, but she must have brewed it once long ago, because there were several notes in the margins of her Potions book describing its properties, along with some girlish heart doodles.  He tried to picture his mother as a carefree young girl, drawing the hearts during Potions class, but he could not.  A large heart inscribed E.P. and G.T. caught his eye.  Who was G.T.?  He didn’t dare ask his mother, and he knew that she would never tell him.  Some things were better kept secret.
“What are you thinking about, Severus?” Lily inquired.  He closed his book and smiled.  Some things were definitely better kept secret, including his feelings for her.
“Nothing, Lily.  I was just looking at the pictures that Mam drew in the margins of her Potions book.  I can&
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The Miseducation of Lavinia Llwynog: Chapter XVIII
It was easier to move around the halls at night as a fox.  The scarlet vixen slipped quietly around the darkened corners, hiding behind statues and tapestries, occasionally pausing to sniff the air and bending her ears to detect the smallest noise.  She heard no footsteps, breathing, or any other indication of human presence.  That was good.  All of the Hogwarts students were now in their respective dormitories, or should have been since it was long past curfew.
Only the brave and foolhardy ventured out after curfew.  Argus Filch, the hated Squib caretaker and his bad-tempered cat, Mrs. Norris, were long gone, but his replacement filled the current students with dread.  If Filch had been feared, he was also scorned and ridiculed by the students and some of the staff members in the privacy of the teachers’ lounge.
No one scorned or ridiculed Hilary Blunt.  Standing well over six feet tall, with outsized hands  and a protruding
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The Miseducation of Lavinia Llwynog: Part XVII
The empty hallways of Hogwarts were a vast echo chamber for Gus’ frantic footsteps as he sprinted towards Potions class.  He slowed down to a jog as he turned the last corner, steadying his breath and preparing to enter the classroom as quietly as possible.  Gus hoped that his absence hadn’t been noticed.  Professor Nott usually berated the class at the beginning of the lesson in lieu of taking attendance.  He was one of the few teachers who simply did not care if a student was in attendance, so long as the assignments were completed.  While the students worked he usually marked out notes on the board or sat at his desk, poring over potions books and ignoring the class until it was time to check their potions.  There was a chance that Gus could slip in unnoticed if Professor Nott was sticking to his usual routine.
Gus slowly opened the door, which swung open quietly without a sound.  The students were busy at their tables, measuring ingred
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The Miseducation of Lavinia Llwynog: Part XVI
The afternoon was cold, but also sunny and bright.  Vinnie knew that there would not be many more days like this one.  The days were getting shorter and soon the piercing, icy winds would be overtaking the school grounds and castle.  Vinnie had decided to take advantage of such a day before the early onset of another Scottish winter.
She was alone, shielded from curious eyes by a windowless wall.  She had decided to forego Herbology. Magical plants were of little interest to her and she knew that she could rely upon AlSev for the notes.
Vinnie thought of the note that she had sent to Sebastian the night before.  She wondered what she would say to him when she saw him, for she had requested a face to face meeting.  Well, she had two nights and three days to think about it.  For now she was going to be the vixen.  Even though she had not had a lesson with Sebastian in over two weeks she had taken his advice and diligently practiced her field
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The Miseducation of Lavinia Llwynog: Part XV
That was all that Soren could say after Vinnie had filled him in on the events of the past several weeks.  Usually loquacious, he was uncharacteristically quiet.   He pushed back his hair and let his hands fall into his lap before continuing.
“I’ve really missed a lot.  It sounds like Sebastian is much more than any of us expected.  My mother met him Friday for lunch and she’s been very distracted since then.”
“She met him for lunch!  Why would she do that?” Vinnie cried, startled.
“I’m not sure.  I don’t think that I’m supposed to know, because neither she nor Dad said anything to me about it.  I found out from R.J., and the only reason he told me was because he thought that I knew and wanted more information.”
“That sneak!” Vinnie shouted.  She looked seriously at Soren.  “You don’t think that it had anything to do with me, do you?&
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Hello!  I see that it has been some time since I have uploaded a journal (April).  I've been putting off writing this one, but since I am no longer as active here as I was in the past, now seems to be the time.  

I won't be uploading any more photographs or fan fictions to this site.  It was fun, but real life has kept me away from the camera, and there is very little time to write fan fictions.  I don't think that anyone read the last several submissions as most of my watchers have left, but they were fun to write--especially the Miseducation of Lavinia Llywnog.  Two years and twenty chapters--it was certainly a project!  Thanks again to JosieCarioca and ameraucanablues for the permission to use their characters.

Thanks to all of my friends here.  Your encouragement was appreciated and your art, photos and fictions inspired me.

I won't be taking a complete leave of this site.  I will continue to visit.  I don't like to say goodbye, so I'll just say:  See you later!
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