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My Blog If you like the work you see here on my deviant art page you may want to check out my blog .  I post on my blog about things I'm working on for my two websites and on upcoming content for my deviant art page. Free Request Queue Closed For a while I accepted free animation requests for people here on my deviant art page. But I am swamped trying to crank out content from my two websites and I just can't fill free requests any more. If I ever dig out from the backlog of stuff I need to create for my websites, I may open up the free request queue again, but as things stand now I have a super hard
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3D RENDERING ON THE CHEAP WITH DAZ STUDIO Many people probably already know this stuff but I figured it wouldn't hurt to mention it in case some people haven't. STEP 1: GO DOWNLOAD DAZ STUDIO FOR FREE Basically if you want to try some of this 3D Rendering stuff out for yourself, a really cheap and quick way to get started doing it is with Daz Studio, which you can get totally free of charge.  So Daz is a great way to get started playing around with this stuff for free.  Later if you find yourself getting more and more into it and you want a richer feature set, you can go ahead and buy Poser.  But I think a good first step is to just downlo
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We miss you, man. Wherever you are, I hope that you're okay.

Hi I'm trying to purchase some of your comics please respond
Anyone wanna talk fmg or muscle growth, text me two five oh five five two three two six four. Also looking for links to new content I bet you I’ve seen it all ;)
We still miss you :/
What happened to him?
Is it just because he don't upload videos anymore?
Is this place dead to you?
Do you still create videos?