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Oh Shit

Second bonding collaboration with Riskikoi ! This took some time to get done but slowly and surely we will get there! Third and final stage next ;).

Riskikoi sketched it, colored characters and shaded them and did some final effects.
I lined the characters, did BG and lights in there.
"Now there was a phase when Harmaja was a little bit too confident about his acquired agility and leading skills while being doubtful towards others reliability - even the one that he saw as brother. That ended up backfiring badly.
If it was not for Uuvana's fast wits and even faster legs, he'd have been goner. There was a lot of hate and fear to be learned towards waters deeper than what could reach Harmaja's ankles, but if something, he learned how immensely deep young Uuvana's loyalty was. While smaller than Harmaja, Uuvana still managed to tow him in fairly safe zone for him to start climbing up from the river.

He never questioned Uuvana's capability after what happened and is always willing to listen what he says, or suggests."
Stage 2 - Familiars
There will be no secrets when the two bond. The trust must be absolute between both parties for everything to go smoothly. Draw your Reosean and their bonded's time together. How did they learn to trust each other? Were there obstacles along the way? 

Oh shit by Riskikoi

Harmaja © GryAdventures / Grypwolf

Uuvana © Riskikoi 
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Wow, you two did a really good job with this collaboration. I am really speechless, I--I love everything about it. :heart: 
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Woahhhhh you guys have done a great job once again!
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This is really awesome work. I love the lil story too
I love the detail and effort you put into this drawing. The water seems like it's almost flowing. Great work!
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Thanks! Riskikoi andI put equal effort on making this collaboration tho so half of it is fully her's.
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How do you make such detailed pictures so quickly?
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This was started exactly 2 months ago so I would not say it was quickly done. I work on several pictures at the same time o/

Also this is collaborations so I did not do this alone.

Riskikoi sketched, colored characters and shaded them, while I did lines and BG and lights.
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Ugh, I love how you draw Vayrons. This looks wonderful. 
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Thanks so much!

Sketch was by Riskikoi, I lined it, Riski colored and shaded and did some final editing, while I did BG and lights. o/ 
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Brilliant my dear Clap Clap Clap 
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