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Man on a mission - Baby kukuri pile YKH
By GryAdventures   |   Watch
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Published: March 26, 2016
alt title 1: Myrtille the mighty shroommaster.
alt title 2: Fizzle stops supporting Jeti. Rip Fizzle. Rip Cosmos Tail.
alt title 3: Rest in peace Myrtille. that might be a long fall.
alt title 4: Karate kid Ljonar in service.

Now this might be a biggest image I have worked in a while. AND I ENJOYED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. I love you guys. Thanks for buying a slot! If you tell me resolution of your monitor in the comment I can try making this as Wallpaper for you!

and so every kuku in right order from down to up!


  1. SQUASHED KUKU Kiwi 100
  2. GOOSEBERRY KUKUCosmo 094 | @Hyena-bones
  3. ALMOST BITE KUKU | Raisin 101 | NachttOwl (??)
  4. DYING(?) KUKU Fizzle 096 | SeaSuds
  5. BLUSH KUKU | Dime 065 | Hyena-bones  
  6. FORCED KISS KUKU | Valentine 102 | NachttOwl 
  7. SURPRISE KISS KUKU Mokemoke 076 | Eylaki 
  8. STRUGGLING KUKU | Dottie 099 | NachttOwl 
  9. MAD STRENGTH KUKUJeti 038 | Varegr
  10.  FIGHTING KUKU 1Tii 118 |kaylemun
  11. FIGHTING KUKU 2Finn vixfin 
  12. "GOING TO CHEW YA ASS OFF" KUKU |Ken 025 | BlauesFeuer
  13. "SOON EX KING OF THE HILL" KUKU | Myrtille 066 | NachttOwl 
  14. KUNG FU KUKU  Ljonar 126 |  kuroya-ken

Fullbody base: 2

  • Colored: +3
  • Shaded: +2
  • Background: +2
  • Other Kukus: +2 (stacks 5 times)
Headshot Base: 1
  • Colored: +2
  • Shaded: +1
  • Background: +1
  • Other Kukus: +2 (stacks 5 times)

art © 
GryAdventures /Grypwolf 
Kukuri © Unikeko
Image size
2000x1125px 2.02 MB
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Comments (59)
Axewolfmay's avatar
Axewolfmay|Student General Artist
Also the picture before death
Reply  ·  
Axewolfmay's avatar
Axewolfmay|Student General Artist
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Skyzilla1AJ's avatar
kiwi!!!! ill save uuuu
Reply  ·  
PinixTheRaoGuard's avatar
Amazing picture! Poor Kiwi!
Reply  ·  
RavenHeart1984's avatar
RavenHeart1984|Professional Traditional Artist
too cute
Reply  ·  
Birdiski's avatar
Birdiski|Hobbyist General Artist
I see how the "king of the shrooms" thing worked out
Reply  ·  
ShizukaTW's avatar
ShizukaTW|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome work ^^ 
Sorry for using wrong folder, laptop glitches
Reply  ·  
GryAdventures's avatar
GryAdventures|Professional Digital Artist
... what wrong folder....
Reply  ·  
ShizukaTW's avatar
ShizukaTW|Hobbyist Digital Artist
nvm just a glitch
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MooshuFezrit's avatar
MooshuFezrit|Hobbyist General Artist
Should have been faved ages ago, this was the pic that made me want a Kuku ;D
Reply  ·  
Opianum's avatar
Opianum|Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG XD so cute! :heart:
Reply  ·  
Volinfer's avatar
Volinfer|Hobbyist General Artist
S - squad goals xD Lovely <33
Reply  ·  
Eylaki's avatar
Eylaki|Student General Artist
Awww so cute!!! Yay mushroom power o3o
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kuroya-ken's avatar
kuroya-ken|Professional General Artist
Why am I only seeing this now holy damn-
this teaches me why I shouldn't leave my dA inbox untouched for a few days things get buried hgng

Ljonar looks absoltuley amazing, thank you!! TvT
I LOVE how the whole picture just.. it's such chaos of kukus and colours and yet everything just works and it looks funny, cute and beautiful at the same time and there's so much going on you just want to keep staring at it and staring at it LOL
And I noticed the grass floating around Ljonar, it really conveys the movement and motion of that kick LOL I am terrified of the 'aftermath' of this picture x'D Looks like the tower's about to crumple hahaha
All those mushrooms. That might explain the chaos LOL Poor Kiwi, her first step in the journey and already she's at the bottom of the heap x'D

Also, I just noticed; since you put Kiwi into the pic, everyone in the picture gets a +2 FP bonus for mascot, yes? (I'm not too sure about this, already sent a note to Uni to ask lol)

I would love this as a wall paper! My screen's resolution is 2560 x 1440, if that's doable? :'D
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Zahkiin's avatar
Zahkiin|Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is just incredible!~
I can't stop looking at it, there's so many
details and such beautiful colors everywhere <3
You've done an amazing job on this, well done!! ;u; 
Reply  ·  
meystR's avatar
meystR|Hobbyist General Artist
Aside from the fact that I love the character dynamic I  have to say that cloud <3 Reminds me of something you'd see in a ghibli scene :D
I just love the colors 
Reply  ·  
tarynsgate's avatar
tarynsgate|Hobbyist General Artist
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MaraMastrullo's avatar
MaraMastrullo|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Everything in this picture is epic.
Mushrooms are the top.
Reply  ·  
Muscah's avatar
MuscahEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
The final result looks awesome! So much fluff omg *w*

I'm laughing so hard at that dying kuku face xD
Reply  ·  
kaylemun's avatar
kaylemun|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Flimbees's avatar
Flimbees|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my Jesus there's so much to look at! And that background is to die for...
I don't think Myrtille should be standing right on those fighting kukus. The Kung Fu kick might be the least of his worries ._.
Reply  ·  
marierockk's avatar
marierockk|Hobbyist Digital Artist
WOAH :la:
Amazing! Characters are so funny:3 I really love colors and background as well :love:

and what does this ranging mean? o.o
Reply  ·  
SeaSuds's avatar
lol, I love the fact he is eating a shroom, now the face makes so much sense. So making this my wallpaper.
Reply  ·  
GryAdventures's avatar
GryAdventures|Professional Digital Artist
Pfft. ;D I am just happy you like it.
Tell me if the resolution is wrong or if you are lazy to make it it in your screen xD
Reply  ·  
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