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Windows Live XP - msstyle



Mostly just putting this here for my eventual system reformat.

Live XP Visual Style based on Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Photo Gallery and the Windows Live Website.

I was using this one for a while...

While it looks good, it's more of a match for the Live Messenger style (I use Pidgin). You can use his ViOrb if you'd like more Vista appeal. I prefer the XP Menu to ViStart so, no theme planned for that.

I also have a Styler toolbar in progress. [link]

Icons I downloaded from CrystalXP. (I think it's this one) [link]

Basically my goal was to make a simple clean XP theme based on Live. I'd still like to get the 1px borders like Live Mail and Photo Gallery have... that may yet come.
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Ummm it just shows windows 10 style...