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i was tired of looking at the negativity emanating from my last entry.  i'm not a negative person, and i don't really talk like that.  so, positivity.  here it is.

i like learning italian.  my professor is from south italy, and he's really funny.  that's kind of random.

i installed fedora on my newer laptop (with compiz-fusion) and it's amazing.  unfortunately, i must keep windows xp until i figure out how to make my ipod touch sync with rhythmbox, and how to get propellerhead reason to run in wine (which i haven't yet attempted).  other than those, i can't think of a single reason to hold onto xp, especially since i sold my WoW account (!).

i got accepted to the Google Summer of Code.  i'll be working on Dojo, developing an intuitive and user-friendly animation toolset for animating elements on a page.  it will be a lot of work, but it will definitely pay off (my credit cards).

my parents told me that if i sell my jeep, they'll buy a (cheap) car for me, since they've provided a car for my other siblings and i've always gotten the hand-me-down or the free junker.  so, since i've been wanting to try my hand at HDRI, i took photos of my jeep and am now about to compose them into some (hopefully) amazing art.

and thank God for tax returns.  i really do.
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