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Gruppled Lite Cursors

This is a modification of my first X11 cursor theme (found here), made entirely in Inkscape, inspired by Ghost Cursors and Curo.

Suggestions are welcome.

1.1 (7/29/2008) - Fixed bug with "busy" animations and the wrong image for the "cross" cursor

(8/1/2008) - Fixed the "preview" so they show up in the cursor list.
© 2008 - 2021 gruppler
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Nice Job!Really love these Boogie! 
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Thanks! I still use them on some computers, but I've been using these lately:…
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These are the best cursors i have came across so far. They're clean accurate and of course have that hint of style. I hope you don't mind but I converted them to the windows format to use them on my PC. Much appreciated!
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I'd love to see your conversion as well, hope you're gonna post it soon :)
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Done! go here [link] to view them.
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thanks! i got tired of searching for a cursor set that fit my style exactly so that's why i created these. i'm glad you converted them! if it wouldn't be too much trouble, i would love to see your conversion publicly available somewhere...
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I have one question to ask, how do I gonna apply (use) the cursors? :O_o:
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they're made for X11, so you can use them with any graphical *nix distribution. i use them on Fedora Core 9, which is a pretty solid linux distribution...

you can either extract them to ~/.icons/ or extract them anywhere and drag the folder into the themes pane in gnome appearance settings.
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:O_o: now I got it.... :giggle: thanksssssss.....
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I think the first version was better.

If you could make sure the colors on the inside fully cover the space, not just a couple pixels off.

Smoothing the edges might be a good idea.
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the first version felt a little too cartoonish for my tastes. when i shrunk the border width, i also shrunk the 'orbs' so the border shows.

they're as smooth as they can get, converted from svg to png. when they're converted to cursors, the quality is slightly lowered, unfortunately.
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Great job though
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thank you, and thanks for the :+fav:...i'll look into the smoothing thing (it's the reason i made the white version with black borders...the white borders look too jagged when they're converted). maybe i can give xcursorgen some commandline options to assume the transparent background color is white rather than black...
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I like it!
You should try to add shadows on cursors, mand maybe make them a little bit tiny..?
Whatever, great work!!
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they have shadows...

since they're svg files, i can scale them to any size, so maybe i'll make a smaller version in the future.
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No i mean shaddows on the cursors, not under.
And for the size, i mean finner (is it correct? i'm sorry my english sucks >< )
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