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my second attempt at a worthy audacity dock icon. thanks to pixelmasochist for pointing out all the things i did wrong so i could make it better =D i know, the wave is a little rough around the edges, but when it's scaled by your dock program, it looks much better.

here's the first attempt.

audacity is a free, open source audio editor for linux, windows, and mac. i looked for a good dock icon here but i couldn't find one, so i made one myself using blender, another free program.

here's the original logo.
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Good replacement icon!
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Awsome job im using it for audacity right now!
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I have Audacity! :D \au-DAH-si-tee\
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i'm using it with rklauncher.thanks man
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Great Audacity dock icon ever seen :)
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Really nice icon. :)
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looks beautiful on my dock, thank you very much
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Very nice! Only decent Audacity icon I've seen. :+fav:
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The zip isn't showing up for me. any chance of reuping?
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hmm...i just tried it and it worked for me. try it again, and if it doesn't work i'll re-upload it.
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yup, guess it was just a problem i was having yesterday.
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It get better than before!!!!
good quality[link]
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I'm totally using this right now. I really like the one with the blue lighting, but that's just me. Very nice work on the detail! Sorry I didn't get a chance to comment when I fav'd it earlier >_<
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thanks, glad you like it!
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handy. I really hate ordinary desktop icons, so this is helping me show off my spiffy wallpapers.
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That's pretty cool. I think I'm gonna use it. :+fav:
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