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Nero claudius fate series Padoru cosplay


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Nerfgun boosette

NERF Guns Modifications

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Twilight sparkle as matrix Neo

Armour and Armoured ponys

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Nero claudius fate series Padoru cosplay


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Anthro Trixie lulamoon mlp Cosplay

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Silver Chaos star

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Character Bubble

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Fallout equestria roleplay experimental rulespack.

Fallout questria, character creation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Race:                 Unique abilitys: Unicorn                Magic Pegasus                Flight Earthpony              +10Max Strength and toughness Batpony                Flight, nightvision Changeling             Changeling magic Ghoul                   No hunger, tirst, ageing Super mutant         +50Max Strength and toughness. No hunger, tirst, ageing Griffon                 Flight Dragon                 Flight, firebreath Alicorn                 +50Max all stats, Magic, Flight   (needs GM opproval, unba

Pen and paper

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Nero claudius fate series Padoru cosplay


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Fallout Equestria Character Sheets V1.2

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Sylphen Sex: ? Race: Dragon Class: Tank Size: Normal WS 72.5   (15 Exp) BS 50   (6 Exp) S  50   (6 Exp) T  92   (33 Exp) I  72.5   (15 Exp) WP 50   (6 Exp) SG 30   (2 Exp) NV 72.5   (15 Exp) LD 30   (2 Exp) Experience: 0 RP points:  0 Combat talents: Roleplay talents: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Carl Skerritt Sex: Stallion Race: Earth Pony Class: Brawler Size: normal WS 65     (12exp) BS 30     (2exp) S  97    (38exp) T  77     (18exp) I  50     (6exp) WP 45  


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