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Sweetiebot robot toy from a starlily (WIP)



Will me made from a Furreal friends, Starlily unicorn toy.

- remove mane and tail and replace it with sweetie belle colours.                                                                        Done
- dye horn white but keep the light going trough.                                                                                               Done
- colour the eyes sweetie bot, aperture science style and remove the eyebrowsprinkle then colour them black.     Done
- aperture science hidden logo on her body.                                                                                                         Done
- serveral hints overall her body in between her fur that she is a robot.                                                                 Done
- camoflaged missle launchers on her back connected to her wing sockeds so that they can deploy. (maybe ill make them look like a saddle/ saddlebags)  Got nerfguns for misslelaunchers.    Underconstruction
- mps player with headset that plays sweetiebot quotes, in her neck there is a lot of room and there ill place the speakers with the mps player broken down and intergraded inside her body.  Done
- make the hooves more mlp style with probaly metal hints.                                                                                  Done
- add tiny earplugs inside her ears hidden away.                                                                                                    Done

removed legs and skinned the unicorn while keeping the fur intact, removed the hair and tail while keeping the hair sockets complete, removed the wings, unplugged standard speaker.

Pianted her: ears, eyes, legs, hooves, horn and a aperture science logo on inside of her eye lash. (Used paper and tape to not hit the fur with paint)

Downloaded and added length to all sweetiebots quotes then placed on a small mp3 player with a small speaker.   still needs to be installed, have to lengthen all cabels so that i can still charge the mp3 player and speaker.
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The dedication you got for making an actual Sweetiebot is respected!