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Sister of battle heavy bolter nerf gun



made from a nerfgun Mastodon,
i did not improve the electronics as that would make the ammo feeder misfire when the driver runs at a higher speed and to be fair i like the handling of the stock gun its more based on suppressing fire then emptying you mag in a sec.

- Removed all the nerf icons and texst.
- cut away the upper plate on the battery tray and the ME from the mega letters to make room for the wings.
- made 2 wings from plastic-card out of 2 layers, 1.5mm as a base and 0.75mm for the details then i engraved the feathers lines like the warhammer 40k style.
- added 2 sister of battle icons made from 2 layers of plastic-card a 0.75mm ontop of a 1.5mm, gave them sharp angles to make them 3D like then i glued it on a square base for support and then on the gun.
- building a purity seal from 2x cloth straps, used gothic letters on them. applyd glue to the edges to protect them against unraffeling and some light brown paint to make them look worn.
- adding a plastic 2 layered round base with a skull in the middle to the top of the purity seal as its "wax seal"  
- removed the name plate "mastodon" and added a plastic-card plate ontop of it, added the name 'Pegasister"  (as in pegasus the gun got wings and sister of battle, also a inside joke some female bronys call themself pegasisters) 

- paint: sister of battle style white with red and a little black paint job that has wear on all the edges and a few battle marks but no added dirt or rust as the sister of battle are notorious about cleaning there equipment. 
- painted chemical stains on the white even as you clean stuff over time it will discolour.
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