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Nero claudius fate series Padoru cosplay



Nero claudius form the fate series:

Anime Christmas Santa 
Materials used:
- faux leather: 4meters red in a half moon circle with a 2 meters half moon, the same in white but then 20cm longer but without the core. 
2meter red by 20cm for the ribbon and 1meter triangle for the head, white +20cm without the core.  2x 1meter by 80cm for the sleeves 
- 5 pots of 20grams of industrial super clue to make the white and red transition seamless 
- iron wire with plastic skin
- meters of white and red double twisted wire
- plastic sheet for the xmass detail on the neck
- white bed sheets to make a bag out of

How its done:
- All by hand took me about 25 hours and another 5 hours to re-enforce it all.  the reason why i used glue so much and not a sewing machine is as almost all her shapes are cones making the material compress while your forcing the shape. by hand i had more control over it making it smooth.
- the wig and t-shirt are for a store as i needed something to start off.  (ordered a saber wig that has the pompom, will get it in a month)
- the sleeves are sewn and gala dress glued both are sewn onto the t-shirt.
- the gala dress is mostly glued same for the iron wire thats on the edge so that it keeps the shape.
- the neck part has iron wire running along the edge, i simply flipped the edge and cut into it to release the tension then glued it.  the xmass detail is plastic whats painted with pray-can and the finishing touch by hand then glued ontop of the neck part.  on the back on the neck part i sewn the 2 ribbons and re-enforce it so that its holding its shape better.
- the xmass head is completely glued to make it seemless
- took the white bed sheets and sewn both sides together then made holes along the edge and made a ribbon for the white faux leather and waved it trough the holes so that when i pull onto the ribbon the bag closes.

- the dress is 10kg and to heavy for the t-shirt so its ripping it apart, to fix that problem i had to triple sew it all with additional fake leather internal and added 2 straps that go over the shoulders for better weight distribution.

Still need to do:
- still need to give the gala dress additional iron wire frames as its simply to heavy and starts to bend in on itself when i move around with it.
- see where it rips after a using it for a day and strengthen those locations
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You look beautiful as always! :D

10kg sounds like a lot. Is that kind of thing normal?