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Nerf gun Sledgefire sawn-off, apocalypse style. by Gruntoks Nerf gun Sledgefire sawn-off, apocalypse style. by Gruntoks
Made from a Nerf gun sledgefire.

(update) added a text to the side of the gun as a tryout how well it would look, im quite happy with it: Equestria laboratories , its from Portal mlp  by Christian Cerda…

Its heavy modded to remove its massive failings. (the stock gun has a range of 2 meter and its common for one of the darts to stay in the barrel)
-Removed the entire air restrictor that is inside the chamber and cleaned out the 3shell, also made the 3shell holes bigger as the darts get stuck
-sawn off the front of the gun to make a frontloader out of it so that you do not need to remove the 3 shell when reloading, after that i have glued a plastic-card plate to the front.
-As for the back it had this basket to keep your 3shells what made it huge and impractical so i simple have sawn that off and glued a plastic-card plate to it, now it got a better shotgun sawn-off look to it

the body has been paintend white with a grey drybrush, the handle cloth also white but with a yellow drybrush.
all screws have been painten light brow with a rust wash, the metal parts got drybrushed light brown.
the copper got ligt an dark copper colours and then a green drybrush for the copper rust.
the plastic handle basic dark grey with black inkt slashes

WIP: how it was build…
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September 6, 2015
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