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i live in the netherlands and because of our swamp wet rain climate we do not have AC unites in buildings unless its a foodstore or luxury place where it is needed all year around.

This means that in summertime at conventions its dawn hot in your cosplay and hard to cool down, so i have been running around with a large hand fan waving at overheated cosplayers and suiters giving them "fanservice"

Thats why i build this baby to be able to quickly cool a overheated person.

its a electric blower form a server with a switch and a 8x 1.5volt (12volt) battery pack.

simply took a sheet of plastic and with a heat-gun molded it around the blower, then i cut a hole into it for the switch and then bend a square chamber behind it for the battery-pack while using that as the handle of the gun.

Took 2 plastic strips and made 2 slings from them to be able to hang the gun on a belt.

used ultramarines/ dark blue as a base and hand-painted the Dio jojo anime meme on the side while using a printed version as example and a wooden pencil to mark all the black lines before painting.
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