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Colibri Tornasolado


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Lara Croft - Tomb Raider cosplay IV.


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M'Ress on Away Mission


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The reason for Eclipse

The reason for Eclipse I've just spoken to someone and the important reason that the Deviantart Classic has to go and here's what he or she told me. "Aside from that, if they were to throw away 3 or possibly more years of development and quite a lot of money sank into it, and cancel Eclipse to keep the old version, we would not get any new features, as it has been for years. The site would slowly break, especially on newer devices, as the code is a patchwork of 20 years - already visible in the broken submit to group menus on deviations, several categories no longer being able to be uploaded to, etc. They would continue to go bankrupt, as t


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Everything that Happened Outside Your Pen

Whether you have noticed or not I'm here and want to do a lot To hover in your dream aloft Or to see how time being burnt When you said that your work was done It wouldn't be lying that something is drawn After you went to sleep beside I would lie in your pen behind At a gloomy midnight/"What was wrong," With tears,you said/"when I was beside the stairs?" By a path of all black/"Why did they beat me," Which I could led/"and rip my neat white sleeves?" I didn't know why he wrote down these but still listened in solemn peace His hands were shaking Should I began worrying? ---------- The next day I went with him When everything

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