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The Explorers

By GrungeTV
Created in Photoshop.

Back into painting. Any feedback is appreciated.

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The future; a truly illustrious and enigmatic concept that has been stuck in the minds of man for centuries. Simply the very concept of creations and advancements beyond our own comprehension, constantly shifting what we believe would be reality and fictional. What technologies would exists that would surpass our inventions and innovations? Who would be the forerunners of the next great age, allowing the meager bodies and minds of our society to slowly transcend beyond our slowly constricting mortal restraints before we are able to finally grow forth unbound? For a time we steadily began to move on towards these goals, pushing our intellects and creative thoughts above and beyond what we thought once possible. Much like the leaves of the trees in the fall beneath a strong wind, our ascent was gaining speed. In time, once analog systems shined forth under the pristine armor of the digital age. Looking upon our inventions with pride and happiness, our minds began to look even further ahead. Further into the boundless possibilities that the unknown held firmly within its grasp. We took our first steps beyond our planet's gaze, staring deep into the very face of the void of space, allowing that unknown element to take physical form as we marveled within its boundless depth. Even after we've seen what lies beyond the helm of our worlds, some would think us slowed down; that we've officially seen all that there was to see. That with the knowledge of the beyond, we've at last been sated in our conquest for transcendence. Instead, our minds brimmed with an even greater resolve to return, instead not to touch the heavens above, but to at last join them and live amongst the stars. Our societies took leaps and bounds; impossibilities and faint dreams soon became possibilities and realities. We soared above our ancestors like mighty birds; our ambitions and dreams being the wind beneath our winds. At last we had reached the zenith of our growth and power. Our cities stood before us as towering monuments to our dedicated and strives. No longer would there be impossibilities, but now that were eventualities. With that in mind, we finally took to the stars, this time strong and proud like angels returning to the heavens. We dispersed throughout this great universe, in search of like-minded societies and cultures, hoping to allow our brilliance shine together in this dark void of possibility. The Explorers, created by Luminarium artist *GrungeTV, treats us to a representation of such a society, where the shackles of doubt and questioning ability, were at last thrown aside and instead brought forth growth. While the glistering gem may carry a few flaws and blemishes, it still shines as bright as it can.

To begin with, the first thing that can be spoken about has to be the detailing. From each sloping crease and exterior panel to the buildings and structures, it brings for depth needed to bring these pieces to life. Minuscule elements in the backgrounds such as the distant ships and the volume of haze around the structures in the backdrop really shows off the artist's understanding of an urban habitat as well as the This is further accentuated by the lighting effects used in the composition, illuminating the atmosphere and environment instead of making it appear cold and lifeless that is the general motif of the future perfect/imperfect setting in many pieces. The careful shading of the exterior structures and floating vehicles, showsa an extra dimension of quality that artists strive to bring forth to their pieces.

However, there are a few things that could still be improved. While the detailing is nice, there could still be a few elements like the components of the foreground ship that could fleshed out a bit more to make them more prominent. The same can be said about the background buildings as well, to add a little more distinction to their appearance as to not make them appear as simply slightly detailed silhouettes. Also, another addition would be if some of the structures were producing smoke or byproduct since the setting is clearly in an actively industrialized civilization. Finally, in the future, you could build on the shading more and add more depths to the distancing effects that the shadows cast hold on certain objects, like the components of the foreground building could have some more transitional shadow effects added to make the change from lighter to darker a bit more smooth.

In the end, it all comes back to the little things in the architectural detail and overall artistic aesthetic that really brings your mind to this piece. The primary building is still striking and allows the eye to constantly comb over it for any slight details they may or may not have missed when they gazed upon it last; from the spaceships to the structures, it all works. Despite some of the flaws in the overall compositional style, these are simply nitpicks for the still nicely done design that's being presented to the viewer's eye. The future is and always will be an amazing thought and potential adventure to have for us all. We can never be truly sure what waits us in the unknown, but if its anywhere near as exciting as The Explorers shows us that it could be, then I'm all the more eager to await what mysteries unfold. Great work on yet another piece James! <img src="…" width="20" height="20" alt=":clap:" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="60" title="Clap"/>
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Thanks for the extensive critique, SZ!

Indeed, there are some very valid points made within this critique, and hopefully, these will help on my next piece.

I appreciate you're taking the time to compile this very structured analysis, and I'm glad you enjoyed the image!
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You're very welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed the critique. :)
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A truly beautiful and inspiring piece to behold! Fantastic work :)
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Truly amazing! 
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This is really cool!
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Holy @#$% Batman! This is awesome!
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Thanks a lot! :D
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God damn it James, AGAIN!!! i like it!! :D you talented bastard :)
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:D Cheers Darcy!! :beer:
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freakin cool!
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Thanks man - hope you're well.
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getting betta :)
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this is really dope man, great work, which program do you use to produce your art? 
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Thanks a lot!
This was made in Photoshop. Glad you like it!
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Nice work, Jay. That air looks good to breathe - brain says full of exhaust gases and industrial whatnots but my lungs say "do it"!
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Haha! Cheers Mark!
You'd be ok to breathe naturally within this environment (as long as you've had the appropriate lung modification surgery and undertaken general internal filtration enhancements!!) :D
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Damn..I'm out of creds! Guess it's pleuropneumonia for me again!
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