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Dancing Through Sunday - TG Transformation

super fun commissioned sequence! 
It was great fun lighting and coloring this.  

Do you think this transformation will only last the night, or will this be a life-changing experience?  

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I was the commissioner, so glad so many people like and I end up pulling it up every other day still


If only it was that easy to become outgoing.

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its work, but just like anything, it's possible.

That look like my trasition dream

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If only, hmph ;-;

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Is that Phoenix in the front right? Sure looks like their hairstyle.

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Love it! the punk style is favorite of mine~

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really glad you enjoyed!

as always with this sort of thing i imagine it needs some kind of outside interference to get locked in

getting creampied in a bathroom with no birth control in the system would do it, but if this is a reality affecting TG he might just be stuck already

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This is genuinely a very nice flowing tg and well has a personality about it I really love. This is vert well done and flows to almost make a comic into its own right.

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hey thanks so much Sire!

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this reminds me of when i went to my first party as a girl since transition :3

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I just LOVE the ticket turning into a glass.

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There's something so wholesome about your transformation sequences where the person is happily enjoying their new self! And even if it lasts the night I think he might be showing up to this venue more often!

I also JUST noticed that his ticket turns into a drink, which is just, amazingly out there! Kudos!

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It would be a fun story where they change into a girl appropriate for the music playing
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