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Character Info: Arith


Character Info: Arith

The character !Anthea-Venilia ( designed for me! My prompt was stasis, glamour, pristine. They had a thought that they used to be a ballerina, pushed to be perfect, before they died in an accident - the horn of a deer piercing their heart. They were then revived, given a second chance. Gallery Tag: # arith Name: Arith Age: Died at 22, ?? years since Species: Echo (Deer Spirit) Personality: On the outside, seemingly emotionless, always calm. But she can feel deeply, and is afraid of doing so. She doesn't like to needlessly take life - even those of insects - but accepts that life is a give-and-take, and will not hesitate to do so when th


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My Bio
Welcome! I'm a college student with too many ideas on my mind and too short of an attention span to develop them quickly. Excuse my gallery's mess and my rambling descriptions; with so many other things to focus on, most of my art currently is for fun and for practice. I kind of just dump everything that I make online and hope for the best, heh. One day I do hope to organize things and clean up descriptions, though.

I mostly draw fantasy and science fiction, and often blur the line between the two. I like to write as well, and you can find anything from short stories to essays to the occasional poem in my gallery.


"I believe that producing pictures, as I do, is almost solely a question of wanting so very much to do it well."
- M. C. Escher


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CamaroLpHobbyist General Artist
Oh, thank you very much for the watch:). I remember you faved some of my works before, glad you still like my art
Grumpy-Old-SnakeStudent General Artist
Ah, hello! No problem. I’m not sure why I didn’t follow you at the time, but I’m very glad that I managed to stumble across you again and can do so now! You’ve done some lovely work. :)

Though I’m surprised you remember me, heh
CamaroLpHobbyist General Artist
Thank you again:).
I just remember most people who faved a lot. Also you have pretty much memorable user name:D
Huh?... Oh, hi! Thank you for the watch!
I'm here to tell you that in my gallery not very much Hollow Knight related stuff (but I'm big fan of that wonderful game) and I'm not very good artist... but thank you.
Grumpy-Old-SnakeStudent General Artist
Ah, you're welcome!

And that's all right! I did look through your gallery before I watched you, and I liked what I saw just fine. ^_^
Thanks! *___*