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Insurmountable Hatred

By GrummanCat
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Still toying with getting back to the webcomic.

Although Asuka doesn't wake until Chapter 10, I can never go TOO long without drawing her, can I? This might turn out to be a title page perhaps for Chapter 10.

For my Evangelion webcomic EVA-303. It can be found on smackjeeves here
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:iconeviltrollplz:I interrupted your beauty sleep problem?
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Coming back to this for the featured artists thing. I will admit, I am probably a little bit biased with Eva being one of my favorite anime and Asuka being my favorite anime character, but that's not the reason I like this one.

The raw emotion is really quite evident here. Her hatred and anger really come across and it feels like that angry stare is actually boring into you. This piece just evokes the emotion extremely well.
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Thanks! At this point I was experimenting with emotional expression for the heavy drama that's coming up in the comic.
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It looks like someone interrupted her beauty sleep.

You know what the consequences are for doing such a thing?

Probably dire. (actually "dire" would be putting it lightly)
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Find the nearest fallout shelter and lock the door behind you, 'cause Asuka's about to attain critical mass for an explosion rivaling the Tsarovich Bomba (55MT)...
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will next chapter be ready soon
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I will be starting it as soon as the Olympics are done. Hopefully we'll see a new chapter in September!
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It just so happens then this image came up for me, Snoop Dog's "Murder Was The Case" came up.
And high and holy FUCK is Asuka furious!
Are we about to see ASUKA SMASH?
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See, if I were there to see this, I don't know if I'd hug her with joy over the fact that she's awake. . . . .or turn tail and run for the hills after one look at that facial expression
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All hell is gonna break loose when she get's her strength back. :fear:
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I can see the hate in this one... and it's good to see you back drawing Asuka stuff again...
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Asuka looks like shit.cheers for Asuka's health
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"The only breakfast I revenge."
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Watch out Shinji!
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Toying with it, you say? I pray thee, my good man, do not toy with it for too long.

Well, that's too bad. I was hoping she'd be back on stage sometime in Chapter 9. I suppose though that it was too much to hope for a quick recovery. It would make an excellent cover. My God, but she looks like she's lived in hell. Still, better angry than empty, I suppose.

I love the limited color palate for this. It fits the mood perfectly. For some reason, Robert Service is going through my mind looking at this.
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What drove you to draw this particular Pic
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Trying to get my mind back into the world of EVA-303. It's a very dark place now for the characters, and I'm testing my ability to convey that darkness.
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Good Luck My Friend
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great pic :D and i cant wait for the next chapter
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But without the choking.
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Every time I see her sad or angry - I want to hug her. Well, I ALWAYS want to hug her - she deserves it. :heart:
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